This is one of the features we’ve been expecting WhatsApp to add for a very long time is the supports for mention in group chat.
“Mention” features allow you to specifically address a contact inside a group to get their attention.
Whether online or offline, the contact will get a notification of the mention. When you’re in a group chat, try typing the symbol @ and you’ll get a list of all the participants in that chat.
You can tap any of them or just type the first letters of anyone’s name and it’ll narrow down to them.
Select them and the name will show up as hyperlinked (blue) in the text entry box. Once you send the text, the hyperlink will still be there in the sent message.
Anyone can tap the hyperlinked name to get to the specific contact’s page details.
This feature is now live in the latest version of WhatsApp beta v2.16.272
Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the video calling features.