In as much as some users wish to upgrade to the latest version but are unable to due to the facts that some OEM devices are too epileptic to run the new operating system.
Android just released the latest statistics regarding the operating system’s version distribution, you can see from the table that Android 7.0 has not been listed;
as you can see, Android Marshmallow is achieving a record of 18.7%, Android Lollipop still remain the chief with a record of 35%, KitKat remains surprisingly strong at 27.7%, and Froyo is finally vanishing into thin air with approximately 0.1% share.
Why are you still hanging around Android Kitkat, and Lollipop? Atleast you can upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Or should we now blame the OEM that doesn’t care about updating the old models of their devices?
If you are part of them can you Tell us your reasons why you are still stuck on the old operating system.