Here are the three reasons why you should always make use of icognito mode when you’re browsing.
What Is Incognito Mode?
Incognito Mode allows you to browse web pages without altering your privacy online. Incognito mode deletes stored data immediately after quitting your browser. It will automatically erase your browsing history and search history, and won’t allow any tracking cookies.
Why Incognito Mode?
Do you share your personal computer with friends and families? Do you make use of the Public Wi-Fi or Unprotected network? Are you trying to be private when surfing the net? If yes, Incognito mode gives you the entire access without using VPN.
I’ve gathered some interesting reasons why you should always browse in incognito mode. Below are the listed reasons:
Online Privacy:
It is not bad idea when you make use of a friend’s phone or PC; visit a cyber cafĂ©, using shared networks etc. As one of the security measures stated here, it’s advisable to keep sensitive details especially passwords, banking details personal to oneself.
Since it’s a third party means, Incognito mode is the best option to go for as personal data and stored information will be erased immediately after quitting the browser. Although, incognito mode doesn’t guarantee full data protection but combined with telling sites not to store your password and using a dash of common sense, incognito mode becomes an effective form of protection.
Multiple Accounts At Once:
This I think will wow you. Been be unsure if it’s possible to login into different account of the same website at once? With incognito mode, it’s easy to accomplish this. You can login into 2 different facebook accounts on the same browser. This is made possible as cookies and caches are not being saved.
Pure Search Engine Results and Ranking:
Many don’t know that search engines results are served based on some recommendations like Search history, Friends and contacts, networks, locations etc. To get a pure search engine result, private mode is the best as search results won’t be biased towards your previous browsing history and your Google account. This is very useful especially for bloggers and webmasters.
Few days go, a little argument popped out between a fellow blogger and friend. I told him his website is ranking higher than a High domain authority website because his search results are biased and served based on previous search result and search history but he disagreed saying his SEO is at work. I tried all my best to later convince him until he agreed with me.