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Android vs Windows OS Comparison - Which one is better

Android or Windows OS – The Chosen One
Android or Windows OS – now that is a never ending debate to be precise. The choice would always vary from person to person. There are preferences, inclination to user interface and also a sense of loyalty towards the brand. But, when it comes to the practical aspect, there are differences between the two operating system which could act as the determining factor for you while choosing one over the other.
Android or Window OS

Here is the in-depth study of both the operating systems. By reading, you would have a fair idea about both and decide on your choice later on.
If you are not aware, then the latest version of the Windows phone is not known as the earlier name but it is now known as Windows 10 Mobile. This is because it is no more a mere operating system but a full version of Windows 10 that Microsoft ships on to laptops and desktops. This makes the windows mobile an edge above others, especially the Android marshmallow version.
Although, Google's latest OS took time to hit the market but the wait is worthwhile. The smart and high-end feature that it offers is just out of the box. So, if you have plan to shed off some money for a smart phone, here is the detailed report you could refer to for a help in deciding the version and brand of mobile as well.
The look, the user-interface is the most important thing. Initially, Android did not have a very attractive UI and it is still pretty understated. However, it is extremely simple, neat and user-friendly. Android uses Material Design Language taken from Android Lollipop. But there are several tweaks, the icons are clear. Thus, you know what you are tapping at. Android 6 Marshmallow also operates in a similar manner as Android and to an extent iOS. Apps are generally display in a grid format. You have the option to put up your favorite apps in the taskbar.
Android has an open nature, hence you have the luxury to customize it accordingly. You can add clocks, calendar and other apps onto your home screen itself. You can also have a new UI.
On the other hand Windows 10 Mobile is fairly different. It is way more colorful and busier in a sense. You will get the grid formed apps but they are actually live tiles and not icons. Hence, they look almost similar and it gets a little difficult to distinguish. But at the same time, they are live and hence keep changing on the timely basis. Windows 10 Mobile does not give you the freedom to customize. However, it is more powerful.
The Apps
With Windows 10 Mobile also, there aren't too many apps. You might feel you are trapped in a vicious circle due to lack of apps. Thus, it has a small user base and makes the developers work less on developing apps. However, you will find the big and popular ones like Facebook or Twitter. But for Android, there is no dearth of apps. You can have whole bundle of it including the popular ones.
The Features
In terms of features, both have a similar pattern, for instance, the swiping of screen in both OS shows notification. It also gives access to quick view or setting. Both have app drawer and deeper screen setting. However, the different is there in both. Android front has the Android play that allows make a contactless payment. But, on the Windows Phone, you get the Continuum. This allows the supported device to connect and create the similar UI.
Google Now v/s Cortana
Finally, the biggest of all for both Android and Windows are arguably the Google Now on the Android's part and Cortana for the Windows 10 Mobile.

Both are voice activated assistants and target to save a lot of your time. You get search results inherently, get the weather forecast and have system interactions through them.
Cortana has a human voice and is far more natural in response. But when it comes to popularity and power, it is lagging behind Google Now. This is because Google Now has the tap feature added in the Marshmallow. Tap enables you to get information within a tap and it makes it very fast.
Windows 10 Mobile is the best, latest and most powerful one from the Windows family. It has a good and distinct operating system but it is not as polish and sharp as Android. Android is a better all-rounder but in terms of strength and power Windows might have an edge. However, the final decision is upon the user.

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