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Ways To Increase Speed And Battery Life Of Android Device


Most of the Android users might be facing the problems of quick battery consumption or their mobile phone becomes unresponsive and sometimes gets hanged, even the power key doesn't works and they need to take out the battery to turn it off and then start again. If you are facing any of these problems then don't worry, you are at the right place. It's because the device starts lagging with the passage of time due to excessive use, too many apps installed, almost full internal memory, running many apps in the background and sometimes it might be due to some virus. I am going to show you how to speed up your Android phone within a few minutes.

Clear Ram

If many apps are running in the background then most of your device Ram is occupied by these apps and you are left with only a little Ram due to which your phone becomes unresponsive. So, after every usage clear your mobile's Ram before locking it. You don't need to install any app to clear Ram; you can clear it from your Phone's Task Manager which is located in the App Drawer.

Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper also affects your Mobile's Performance & Battery Timing. It gives a beautiful look to your phone but consumes a reasonable percentage of your battery and memory which results in lowering of your phone's performance. So, if you are running a live wallpaper, turn it off to improve your device Speed and Battery Performance.

Remove Unwanted Widgets

It is recommended to remove all the unwanted widgets from your home screen and just keep those widgets which you think are essential for you because these widgets also consume a lot of battery as well as Ram.


Reduce the brightness of your mobile phone to as minimum as possible because it consumes a lot of battery. I would recommend to add 'Power Control' widget to your home-screen so that you can easily change brightness in a single touch. If you don't have this widget then change brightness manually but I would not recommend to download any app or widget to do that.

WiFi, Bluetooth & Data Package

As you might know that the main cause of battery drainage in Smartphones is the use of internet and Bluetooth. So, Always keep your WiFi, Bluetooth and internet data package off when you are not using them.

Manage Apps (Uninstall Unwanted)

If you have too many apps installed on your phone then it could be the reason of lowering in device performance. Filling the device memory to its full capacity makes the device slow. So, firstly move all the movable apps to your SD Card to free internal storage, because some of the apps could not be moved to the Card and they could only be installed on phone. Now uninstall those apps which you don't use or very rarely use. Don't use any application to move apps from phone to SD Card because that app will also consume memory. You can manually move apps by going to the Settings >> Applications > Manage Apps.

Apps Downloading

Always download apps from the Android official app store that is Google Play Store and never install apps downloaded from third party sites because there is always a risk of virus or some threat to your phone and might damage your phone permanently. I am not saying that all the apps downloaded from third party sites can damage your device but a few can damage. So, there is always a risk in downloading apps from the sources other than the Google Play Store.

Reset Phone

Resetting phone is the last option, if you find no results from the above steps. It is the essential step if your device is affected by some kind of virus. Resetting Phone will clear your internal storage and also your contacts and messages that are stored on the phone. So, it is recommended to keep a backup of your important things like contacts and messages etc on your SD Card. Factory Data reset will reset your phone to the state in which it was purchased.

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