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Install Local Apps [SD Card / Phone Storage] In Windows Phone 8.1

Install Local Apps In Windows Phone 8.1 - TechZire

Installing local apps on windows phone is not that simple as in Android. In android, you just need to move to your SD Card, tap on the app and it's installed. But in windows phone, you can't install the app from SD Card without verification from the Windows App Store. It means that the first thing you require to install the apps is to have a cellular data or a wifi connection. That's the difference between android and windows phone. On android, you can install the apps without a data connection but on windows phone it's not possible.

This method is useful for those people who have a slow internet connection on their mobile device and can't download the app. Also if you don't have WiFi access and want to install large apps or games, then this method can also work for you. Just download the app through your PC and then install it on phone. So,here are the steps you need to follow,
  • Connect your Windows Phone and copy the app in your phone or SD Card.
  • Make sure you have a cellular or WiFi connection on your Phone. 2G networks can also work.
  • After moving the app file to your phone, tap on the Store in your Windows Phone.
  • Tap on the ... (three dots) in the bottom right corner of your screen and select "Install Local Apps"

Install Local Apps In Windows Phone 8.1

  • Wait for the apps to be scanned and after few seconds you will see the list of apps that you have placed on the SD Card.

Install Local Apps In Windows Phone 8.1

  • Select the app and tap on the Install button. You can select multiple apps as well.
  • Wait and your app will be installed.
The above mentioned procedure is also tested on NOKIA Lumia 630 and is 100% working. All the screenshots used above in this post are captured from NOKIA Lumia 630 and belong to the author of this blog.

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