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How To Set Custom Notification Ringtone In Android?

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Android technology is growing up very rapidly and is taking over the market. Mostly people like to set up their custom ringtones apart from those included in the android system by manufacturers. For Incoming calls it's easy to set up custom ringtone but in most of the android phones, you can't set up your custom notification ringtones and you need to select out of the system notification ringtones. There is a way to set up a custom notification ringtone, but you need to do some customizations. It's very easy and you don't even need to install any third party application. This tutorial and the jpeg used in this tutorial are from an older version of android. You might face some minor changes according to your cellphone brand and the android version you are using. Hope it would work out for you. Just follow the steps and you are done.
  • Go to your 'SD Card' & Create a folder 'Media'
  • Inside the 'Media' folder, create another folder 'Audio'
  • And inside 'Audio' another folder 'Notifications'
  • In short create the directory 'sdcard/media/audio/notifications/'


  • Now paste the ringtone file which you want to set up as your notification ringtone in the above directory 'sdcard/media/audio/notifications/'
  • Now Go To your phone menu Settings >> Sounds > Notification Ringtone

Notification Ringtone

  • You can see your custom ringtone in that list
  • You can add ringtones as much as you want in the list
  • Enjoy :-)

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