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Android Rooting : Advantages & Disadvantages


Root Android
Are you thinking to root your Android device? Well It's a good idea to explore android by rooting but before doing this you should be aware of the pros and cons of the rooting. Android is an open source Operating System which is developed by Google Inc. Many mobile manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, SONY, Voice, Q-Mobile, G'Five, Huawei, Google etc are using Android OS. These manufacturers customize android according to their requirements and provide their users with only a limited access to the functions. Rooting provides you with the full access to all the mobile functions. You can customize your phone according to your needs.
        In simple words, you can understand rooting in a better way by considering this example. If your phone is not rooted then it is like a "Guest Account in Windows". You can operate the device but you can't make any system configuration to the device. And rooting your device is like gaining "Admin Account", means you can do whatever you want to do. Hope this makes the concept pretty clear.
        Remember rooting provides you the access to all those functions whose access is not provided to the users by developers. So, rooting of your device violates the developer's terms and conditions for the warranty of the device. Before rooting your device, you must have a clear concept about what is rooting & How to root and gain access to all the user functions? Here are the Pros and Cons of rooting your device.


     With the root access, you can make infinite customizations to your android device. You can load custom ROMs, themes, update OS, increase performance etc. Another huge advantage is that you can use the Apps on Google Play which require root access like apps about hiding installed apps etc. After rooting your device you will see an app 'Superuser' installed on your device. 'Superuser' lets you allow / deny which applications can have root access.
      With root access you can increase internal storage space using SD Card. An increased internal space allows you to install and enjoy more apps & games on your device. Also you can update your android version to the latest version by installing custom ROMs.. This feature allows you to stay up-to-date. Also you can use these custom ROMs to enhance your CPU performance and Battery life. Remember, some people say that rooting decreases the battery life but it's wrong. In almost 90% of the cases it makes battery life more efficient but sometimes due to not rooting your device well leads to failure.
      One thing I forgot to mention, you can also backup your data to the memory card after rooting. Normally due to some security and performance issues, Android devices will not allow you to backup your Apps and games on the memory card. By using any app like Titanium Backup, you can backup all of your apps and games to the SD Card or so called memory card.


      As already stated, rooting voids the warranty of your device so it is recommended not to root your phone when in warranty. If you flashed a custom ROM unknowingly, it might lead to bricking of your device. Bricking makes your device as useless as a brick. So, install a custom ROM very carefully and make sure that it is fully compatible with your device model because there is not only a danger of bricking but also can make your device unstable. Unstable device will force close apps most of the time and your phone does not gets network signals properly or some other kind of bugs. Rooting not always increases your CPU performance and battery life but sometimes it can reverse the situation as well. So, the main thing is finding the best suitable ROMs and customizations for your device.

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