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It was an interesting day today where we got to witness Yes 4G’s intense comeback with their new and not to be missed 4G LTE plans. Firstly, we are glad to know that there is finally a SIM card that we can use in our existing phones instead of carrying a bulky modem everywhere we go. 
As Yes 4G’s new network runs on TD-LTE, you may want to check if your device is compatible with this band. Just for your information, all other networks in the market currently e.g. DiGi, Maxis, Celcom etc are running on FD-LTE. However, if your device is quite new, you shall not worry too much as it is likely that your device supports both TD-LTE and FD-LTE bands.
Below are the new plans offered by Yes 4G :
You can get your Yes 4G starter pack at any Yes outlets for just RM 10 (including GST). There will be 500 MB worth of data + unlimited basic internet once you’ve used up your 500 MB high speed data. However these are only valid for 7 days from activation date.

Postpaid plan seems to be more attractive compared to prepaid plan because you get more value for your money. Basically you will enjoy 4G LTE data as well as 4G broadband data. In case you’ve finished up all your data, you can always purchase additional data.
What is so special about Yes 4G LTE?
Yes 4G LTE is built purely on 4G LTE infrastructure where as other telcos in Malaysia are basically using their 3G infrastructure as the base for their 4G network. So their 4G LTE network is not built from scratch and is inter-dependent on their 3G. That is the reason you don’t get to enjoy some 4G specific feature such as VoLTE (voice over LTE) on other networks.
Yes 4G LTE allows you to make and receive HD quality calls due to VoLTE feature. Calls are also connected faster and are more clearer.
As for data, theoretically, the maximum speed for a pure LTE network is up to 100 Mbps which is 50 times faster than traditional 3G. Of course, in real life, you can’t expect that kind of speed but in some places that we tried, the speed went up to 40 Mbps which is extremely fast.
Yes 4G also promises coverage up to 85% which we personally don’t know how true but based on our experience, we get to enjoy good coverage in places where we can hardly find any good internet. This will be a good news to those who are waiting for UNIFI for so many years.
Some of you might be worried about the TDD network used by Yes 4G LTE but China Mobile, one of the largest telco in the world, is also using TDD network.

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