Some few weeks back blackberry received lot of deadly blow when two most powerful and popular messaging app WhatsApp and Facebook stop it supports on all blackberry devices including the BB10 series.
Now the company has decide to dump blackberry OS and focus on android OS, a statement made by the blackberry CEO indicate that there will be just two updates for Blackberry 10 devices this year and next year.
having said that, folks are now left to switch to other android device or wait for the new blackberry midrange android phones nicknamed Rome and Hamburg; one of them will come with a full touchscreen and the other will have a physical keyboard.
According to latest interview with GulfNews, Blackberry CEO John Chen clearly state that this supports will only last for just two years because top government in UK, Germany and U.S.A are using this device. Below are his exact words:
“We will support BB10 for minimum two more years as a lot of governments are using it, such as Canada, the U.S., Germany, and UK.”
The company will now be focusing solely on its Android phones with the goal of producing “most secure Android smartphone for the enterprise.”