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How to Set Default Keyboard on Your Android SmartPhone

This is number one amazing thing I love about Android smart device… ability to customize your device the way you want it, including changing your keyboards. I know there are a lots of keyboards app for Android but I’ll simply narrow my explanation to SwiftKey keyboard.

Settings default keyboard on android is one of the easiest thing to do, and the good news is that the process is the same no matter the keyboard app you choose.

How Can I Set Default Keyboard on Android using SwiftKey keyboard?

1. Download and install your new preferred keyboard (SwiftKey Keyboard)

2. Go to settings

3. Find and tap Language and Input (located under personal menu)

4. Click on the Current keyboard under keyboard and input method

5. Click on choose Keyboards

6. Tap on the SwiftKey keyboard you would like to set as default

7. Read the attention prompt that comes up on screen and tap OK if you wish to continue


8. Go back to main language and input screen

9. Tap on current keyboard again and select SwiftKey keyboard. This will save automatically

You can test the keyboard to be sure it’s working by writing a quick message to someone.

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