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It sounds scary but it’s true. BitTorrent will be on your TV, smartphone, and tablet. Netflix and Spotify, who has been offering on-demand streaming of videos and music, of which most of them are from independent artists you've never heard of, will now give some of the market shares to BitTorrent. This is a service from BitTorrent which will not give you access to pirated files but a legitimate business that will boost the good name of BitTorrent. This time, all the content will be uploaded by the creator. Some will be free others will be paid service.

Some months ago BitTorrent has been gathering music’s and videos with its Bundle format. They have been able to get over 30,000 people few are popular while most of them are not. Now there is going to be an app by BitTorrent which allows you to listen to musiC or watch videos. This service will also be extended VR users,
BitTorrent have been successful with its Bundle platform with over 200 million downloads till date, this means that there have been some people who choose BitTorrent‘s Bundle platform over popular SoundCloud or YouTube. Therefore, broadening their business will make their competitors worry.
"One of the best things that we've seen over the course of building this project, and one of the things that make me mad optimistic about creativity as a whole, is that some of the most streamed and most downloaded projects are from independent collectives," says Straith Schreder, BitTorrent's VP of creative initiatives. "Being able to shine a light on some of these creators [and giving them] agency to connect with a passionate global base of film and music fans is really important."
Filmmakers publish movies and thrillers to YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook. Musicians publish music and podcasts to SoundCloud or Bandcamp. What role will BitTorrent play in the society? Schreder says there are still key advantages to BitTorrent. Other platforms, she says, are "prescriptive. It must be music. It must be video. We want to keep that deliberately open so creators can experiment, to create and break what we think of art online as a whole."
BitTorrent is now opening Bundle platform to a broader audience. Now people with different mobile platform, Android and Apple TV can now stream media files. That makes it easy for people who don’t know about torrents to enjoy their services. Now there is nothing like torrents attached to these apps it is standard streaming services you are going to enjoy. "We are actively developing the P2P components, which require varying levels of effort for each platform," Johnson says in a statement. He also said that "these apps will use distributed networking in the near future."
 If you are interested in music, movies, and other things like so, BitTorrent is now worth checking out. It will soon be available Android. Play store, while other OS and related gadget follow shortly.

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