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Browse with Airtel 2GB for N200 and 4GB for N500 hmm free browsing again

We have been working hard and trying to see every of our guests and members Enjoy free and affordable and cheap data plan, I posted Tutorial on How to Get 2G and 5GB for N200 and N500 on Your Airtel which Many Tried and but Didn't work on 3G Network its only Effective on 2G Network. 

I went on Research with some of my Few Gurus, we have been Tweaking and Re-tweaking to see if it can be powered on 3G because many people can't Bear the Slow Throttling of 3G Network. I will be showing you How to use this cheap data on 3G and 2G Network. 

How To Browse with Airtel 2GB for N200 and 4GB for N500 

We will be using a VPN to tweak this, VPN which is to be used for this is Called Protect Free VPN + Data Manger. Before I Proceed Let me tell you things about this Protect free VPN.apk. 


- You get alerts when apps are using lots of data

- Use a free, fast and secure VPN to protect personal information

- Block apps from using data in the background

- Limit apps to Wi-Fi only

- Set notifications when an app reaches a set amount of data

- Add an extra layer of security and data encryption

- 3g optimization

- Get the most from your phone!

This is the Things which this Protect VPN can do that is to say its the Features of the VPN. Let go back to the Matter 

HOW TO USE THE 2GB and 4GB Airtel Cheap Data Plan on 2G and 3G Network 

- DOWNLOAD: Protect Free VPN + Data Manager.apk 

Note: You Must Activate and Leave your Network to 2G 

- Launch The App and Also Launch the VPN Under Protection. 

- Then go to Your browser and Try Opening a Site with 2G Network which is Active. 

- At this Point You will Need to Go Back and Activate the Your Network to Either Auto OR 3G Network 

- Finally You done, Start Browsing and Flex your 3G Network, 

This 3G Network Always Disconnects It is Not Stable, It is Always fluctuacting just like the Etisalat Socialme. But we are Still working on it to make Sure is Stable but for Now just Manage and Be Using This. 

We are Always Willing to Attend to Your Problems,
Tell us If You Finding anything Difficult (Use our Comment box).

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