How to Activate MTN Magic SIM trick with just N100

Activation of MTN Magic SIM has no limitation on any type of SIM, that is, it works on all MTN SIM cards whether new, old or number-type. Unlike before when we needed an exact type of MTN SIM card to get the trick working.

Previously, we published a very useful guide on MTN Magic SIM activation and I know that most of you already activated theirs. Although, there were still some doubting Thomas that needed to confirm if MTN Magic SIM was real or scam and unfortunately for those that confirmed it working might want to test, only for them to get an error message while trying to subscribe for the 2hrs plan. This is to notify you that MTN has temporary blocked the 2hrs plan so that the Magic SIM activation could be restricted.

You know they say, there’s always a second chance. So I’m very happy to let you know that the MTN Magic SIM activation can be done using different method with as low as N100. So if you’re still interested on activating the MTN Magic SIM trick, simply follow the below procedure, if not, stay mute and wait till all loop holes are blocked.

Here’s how you can easily activate the MTN Magic SIM trick for as low as N100

Disclaimer: Please do at your risk, not guarantee, but it’s tested and confirmed working

1.       Firstly, transfer the exact sum of N100 on your MTN sim card. I said transfer not recharge.

2.       Make sure that your MTN sim is on iPulse or migrate to iPulse by dialing *406#.

3.       After that, subscribe for the MTN 10mb daily data package. To opt-in, simply dial *104#.

4.       Next, use the MTN daily plan to browse on your device for up to 6mins, use on Edge, for Android users or high data consuming device, please make sure you don’t consume the data within that time, just open a page or 2, and then leave your device connected for that time.

5.       Now, remove your SIM card from your device and wait for up to 24hrs 10mins, please try to be time conscious while waiting, because that’s the only risk involved.

6.       Insert your MTN SIM card after 24hrs 10mins and enjoy unlimited browsing with no duration.

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That’s it on how to activate the MTN Magic SIM using N100. You can check our frequently asked questions and answers about the MTN magic sim on our previous guide here. If you still need any assistance, feel free to let me know via comment section.