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Top 5 Free Antivirus Program

Everyone is searching for good and reliable antivirus which protect your PC from new viruses. Many companies offer free versions of their popular antivirus programs for home or small users while offering versions with more advanced features as an upgrade option for professional and business users, So why  pay for antivirus when you can get it for free?

Here are some of the high-rated antivirus program all of which you can start using today:

1. Avast free Antivirus

Avast is really a great antivirus program many computer technicians suggest to their customers with easy download, installation and automatic update, it is easy to use, it offers numerous features such as antivirus kernal shilds, anti rootkit, anti spyware, audible alarms etc. Avast runs in the background and monitors the files you download the sites you visit and programs that attempt to install on your computer.
Avast free antivirus

2. AVG free Edition

AVG is another popular antivirus program that millions of users, It features general function for internet security which includes real time scanning, repairing virus and corrupted files, It runs in the background, removes threats and updates automatically.

AVG free antivirus

3. Microsoft Security Essential

This software is on of the preferred free antivirus program from microsoft, This antivirus is made for windows xp, windows vista and windows 7, It provide protection from various type of maleware,websites,trojon and spyware. There is no registration required but it will assure you have a genuine copy of windows installed.

4. COMODO internet security

COMODO internet security is one of the most commonly downloaded antivirus program, It provides an anti-maleware protection, firewall and defence+, Comodo Antivirus provides constant virus protection for free. This means that Comodo Antivirus can completely replace antivirus software from companies like McAfee and Norton that charge for their software and for yearly access to updates.

5. Avira Personal Antivirus

Avira is designed for Windows, FreeBDS, Linux and openBDS, The scan does take a quite a bite of time, It got a award for speed category and received a award for 99.5% detection rate, Avira Personal Edition offers the effective protection against computer viruses for the individual and private use.

Avira personal antivirus


So what are you waiting for, download and enjoy free protection.

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