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call me back code on mtn glo etisalat airtel

In today's post, we are going to show you different ways of
knowing a phone number when there is no airtime on the sim and also show you call me back codes on MTN,GLO,ETISALAT&AIRTEL in Nigeria.

1.MTN: When you want to know your phone number or your friends number when there is no airtime to flash, then dial this code: *123*1*1# and send. Alternatively you can use call me back services (*133*08032104567#).the issue with call me back services is that sometimes Network use to affect it. and also it has a daily limit of 5 times to be used.

2.AIRTEL: To know your Airtel phone number or friends number when there is no airtime, Dial *121#then select 5 (Account information) and send,on the next display, select (My Number) and send. your number will display immediately. Else you can use a call me service : (*140*08026540123# ) Airtel call me also limits you 5 times daily usage.

3.ETISALAT: To know your Etisalat phone number when you run out of Airtime, Dial *200# , Select My Account, then scroll down to Show my Number .Otherwise you can use call me back services: ( *266*08098762345).

4.GLO: The Glo Network are yet to come with their short code phone Number display. for now the only available option is to use call me back services: Dial *125*8053216789# 
Note:You must exclude the first zero ( 0 ) of the recipients phone number as we have it on the example giving to you.

If you have any question regarding to any of the above info, do ask us here on the comment box below.
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