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How To Repair Nokia Music player Problem

Nokia is quite famous for its interesting and easy to use software but it have several problems like its software get corrupted, hangs, music player problem etc. Today we are going to give a tutorial about how to repair Nokia music player problem using Oxycube, This trick works with some Nokia S40 mobile tested by me 3110c,3500,5300 and 6300. If it works on your mobile then please leave comment.

Q- What is Oxycube? 
Oxycube allows you to work with your phone from your PC with this program you will be able to read and write phonebook, explore and edit your phone drives, see its problem and many more, OxyCube works well with Nokia phones and all Symbian-based smartphones. This includes 500+ models.

Now we can solve music player problem

First of all download and install Oxycube

Step 1- Connecy your phone using bluetooth or data cable in PC suite mode and open Oxycube

Step 2- Now in oxycube go to "C" in which you can see "hiddenfolder", refer below image

Step 3- In hidden folder find "music.db" or "mmc.db" now delete this file and disconnect your phone from PC

Now restart your phone and your Music player will be ready to use.

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