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Create Some Fake Computer Viruses

make some fake computer viruses
Today I am sharing another interesting article about "How To Make Fake Funny  Computer Virus". In this tutorial I teach you how to make a harmless and fake virus, Basically what it does is just log off and then "Shutdown" your computer.
Disclaimer - Everything here is for informational purposes only.

1. Fake error message

Step-1 Make a new text document with notepad, type msg * YOUR MESSAGE, image refer below:
Type your fake massage

Step- 2 Now save as Play me.bat As always, make sure that you select All files instead of Text Document.

Here's how it will look like once it is launched:

Fake error message

2. Forced Shutdown

Step-1 Put the following into your Notpad:

@echo off
shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c "YOUR MESSAGE HERE"

(Replace 60 with the length of the countdown you want)

Step- 2 Now save as play me.bat

Here's how it will look like:
Fake forced shutdown

To stop it, open Run from the start menu and type shutdown-a. Enjoy

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