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Best Advice For Making Money Online in 2014

Best Advice For Making Money Online in 2014
So you want to make a name for yourself out there (and perhaps a buck)? Making money online today is no less of a phenomenon than it was a few years ago. The competition has grown, yes, and it's difficult to maintain a steady pace. But then again, so have the number of ways you can make money. However, to make your business successful, you have to step up your game. Here are some tips to help you make your business successful in 2014, and secure a better future for yourself.

1. Taking risks
People often tend to get intimidated by their competitors' numbers. Often, businesses try to inflate their statistics as a propaganda. So often times, they may be exaggerated. Studies show consumers are still being more careful with their money and not putting as much on credit. So not every business is doing great. There's no need to panic. If you or your product are worth the price you have listed, and you are not pricing yourself out of the market then stay put with your prices!

Also, now might be the time for some good investments. Do not be afraid to take risks, because what's business without risk, eh?

2. Show your public face!

Most business owners don't know, or care about it, but customers actually convert better when they know you're more than just a website on the internet - you're a human running a business! Many new start-up companies have started this tradition of having their CEO, or business owner, or some other person of note record a video message on their sites, talking about their business.

If you own your own business, make sure there's a video of you on your website talking confidently, and convincing people to deal with your business. Employee, and some user video testimonials won't hurt either. These things matter when it comes to your public relations, and people need to trust you personally before they will convert on your website. Get a jump-start!

3. Setting the right price

Don't always price yourself under the top competition's bargain deal. If you're the little guy, but offer a great product or service, ask for what you or your product is worth. In fact, when you price yourself with other top businesses you will have clients who will spend more when they understand the value of your business. They will recommend you to all their other friends who have healthier budgets too! If you know that you are worth more than you get now, then price yourself correctly and explain the value you give to your client or customer.

4. Social Media Marketing

Make a social media marketing plan. Are you using StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Klout, SoundCloud, Google+, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc.? Choose wisely, and find where the client or customer you want to target is hanging out online or in the mobile world.

5. Invest in SEO

If you want to get discovered on search engines, now might be the time for investing in Search Engine Optimization. Start small and steady. Invest in an SEO (search engine optimization)/content writing guru and make sure you are findable in relevant searches. SEO has changed quite a bit in the last couple years. If you are in a competitive market it may take a little longer to build a strong online presence! It's worth its weight in gold to appear in relevant searches that reaches your exact demographic and market.

Many businesses and bloggers still don't realize the importance of videos. About 40% of them still don't have videos on their sites. Video has now become more important than ever. Find out what content laterals you have available to you, and exploit them to the best of your advantage.

Another key to success in any business is patience. Most business plans fails owing to the lack of it. Business owners often jump the gun so to speak, and don't have a proper timeline so they can analyze their marketing and advertising efforts. Patience can do a lot for your business. If you apply it, and then apply apply yourself in your business by utilizing some of these tips, you can gain new heights in this era of a recovering economy. Make hay while the sun shines! Cheers :)

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