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3 Ways To Make Your Small Business Look Bigger Than It Is

Many entrepreneurs into self-employment find it difficult to survive the competition out there in the market. It is very challenging competing with big businesses as a small startup. It is estimated that only about 20 percent of small startups survive the next two to three years. It is a personal decision whether your business survives or dies. You may not have millions of dollars to create a big investment but with the right preparation, knowledge and determination, you will surely succeed. In this post, you will discover how to make a small business seem larger than it is.

I Have A Small Business How Do I Appear Big?

how to make business look bigger
Use A Corporate Mailing Address
Many small business owners use virtual offices to run their business. Renting a professional mailing address especially the ones located in powerful business district is a way to make your business look bigger than it is in real life. This service would forwarding your emails to you while you work from home and offering conference rooms for meeting clients booked by the hour.Doing business with more established companies is easier if you have a professional business location.

Register That Business Fast
A powerful tip to make your business look professional is to register it. As a sole business owner, you will discover that not every client is comfortable transacting business with you. People see a registered business owner as a professional. Besides, registering a business is more tax-efficient. The only issue some business owner have with registering their business is the additional cost of accountants and paperwork but these are negligible when you look ahead at the financial rewards of winning contracts.

Operate A 24/7 Customer Helpline
You cannot receive all the calls and respond to all the mails all the time. Sometimes you may be on the road so instead of clients dropping calls with a promise to call back where they end up calling your competitors, you should look to employ a virtual receptionist. This will make responding to prospect and old clients faster and more efficient as these people can be briefed about likely questions prospective buyers are likely to raise. The good thing is that hiring a virtual receptions is quite affordable for any business if you search well enough.

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Establish Your Internet Presence
Finally, one last way to increase the value of your business in the market is to build a website around it. IT-oriented business owners may create blogs using WordPress of blogger. My recommendation that you allow professionals handle the job for you so that you can have time to handle other productive operations. A large fan-base on social networks suggests public acceptance of your product or service. Target local keywords and ensure that your website is responsive and has a beautiful layout.

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