How To Get Remote Accessibility To Your PC Or Laptop

How To Get Remote Accessibility To Your PC Or Laptop

Remote Accessibility to Your PC

When you are away from your home or office, and may need to access your PC, how would you do that?

There are occasions when you might need some urgent documents saved on your PC or laptop. However, being away from it leave hardly any option for us excel

Well, now you need not get anxious and bother someone else if such situations come up. You can simply access your computer remotely without compromising on its security.

Yes, you can do so by using your android smartphone or tablet.

There were two most effective ways for remote access – firstly through 'TeamViewer' and secondly through Google Chrome.

TeamViewer is a software that has specifically been designed for remote access over the Internet. It is compatible with WindowsMacLinux and with mobile operating systems.

You can download the software from the TeamViewer website, and subsequently configure it for your PC.

Once the software sync with the online servers, you will receive a unique one-time ID and password for your computer. In order avoid using new ID and password every time, you can set up unattended access.

Follow these Steps on TeamViewer:

  1. On TeamViewer, click on "Connection", and then "Setup unattended access".
  1. A wizard will come up where you need to specify your ID and password.
  1. Once you assign an ID and password to your PC, you need to enter your online registration details.

After entering the details, you will be able to access your computer remotely. You can even turn off the computer or lock the screen.

Steps for Remote Access through Google Chrome

  1. Click Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop.
  1. Go to 'Apps' nearly at the top of the screen.
  1. Click "Web Store"
  1. In the search panel, type "chrome remote desktop".
  1. In the app results it will show as added.
  1. Go back to the apps page again.
  1. Click the desktop icon named as "Chrome Remote Desktop"
  1. A pop-up will come asking for authorization.
  1. Click "Continue".
  1. Again click "Accept"
  1. Under 'My Computers' section, click "Get Started"
  1. Click "Enable remote connections"
  1. Again click "OK" for downloading "Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer".
  1. Once download is completed, open the file and click "Run" to run the installer.
  1. In the next pop-up, put a PIN of at least six digits to protect access to your computer and press "OK"
  1. Again click "OK" once remote connections for your computer is enabled.
  1. Then go to "Chrome Remote Desktop" and click "Open".
  1. Under "Authenticate to host" pop-up, enter your PIN and then click "Connect".

So, physical distance won't stop you from accessing your computer as remote accessibility can enable you to fulfill your requirement.

If you know about any other methods or techniques, please share with us by writing on the comment section. It could be useful for everyone.


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