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How To Export Feedly Feed Subscriptions to OPML File?

How To Export Feedly Feed Subscriptions to OPML File?

Export Feedly OPML

Export Feedly subscriptions to OPML

You switched to Feedly when Google Reader shutdown. You were a happy Feedly user and added many new feeds into the service. One day, you found a better feed reader matches your news reading habit and you want to switch over.

Or, you simply want to backup your Feedly feed subscription.

You don't find Feedly Export feature in Feedly sidebar nor Preferences. How do you export Feedly subscription feeds?

Export feedly subscriptions in OPML format

Apparently, Feedly OPML export is a hidden, undocumented feature! It is not even there before July 2013!

Follow these instruction to export Feedly feeds in OPML file for backup or import into other feed reader:

  1. Login Feedly account from your web browser.
  2. At the browser's address bar, enter: http://cloud.feedly.com/#opml
  3. You will get a page of XML code (refer to header image). That's your feedly feed subscriptions!
  4. Copy from <xml version=1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> till </opml> (end of the code)
  5. Open any plain text editor, paste in the text and save the file as OPML file, example: feedly.opml
  6. Now, the OPML file you saved is your exported feedly subscriptions. Now, you can use the file to import your feedly subscriptions to other feed readers.

Hope this helps you migrate your news feed from feedly to other feed reader.Which feed reader are you using now?

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