How To Browse With Glo BIS 1K Plan On Computer PC and Android Phones

How To Browse With Glo BIS 1K Plan On Computer PC and Android Phones

Steps to Browse On PC with GLO BIS Using A Modem

I'll be sharing with you 3 simple steps to browse on PC with GLO BIS. You can use any GLO Modem or a Cracked modem to do this, also a GLO BIS Subscription (click here to view GLO BIS plans). View images below to set up your PC to browse using GLO BIS.

Step 1. Open your GLO Modem Interface

Step 2. Click on Tools > Options

Step 3. Click on Profile Management > New. Then enter a profile name, click on Static then enter, enter *99# as Access number.

After you've done these, click one Ok. You're done! You can then click on Connect to start browsing. That's the 3 Simple Steps to Browse on PC with GLO BIS. If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave them in the comments area below.

UPDATE: For some weeks now, a lot have been complaining about being unable to access the internet on their PCs via GLO BIS Subscription while other were able. Apparently, GLO NG has upgraded their firewall to prevent intrusion but unfortunately for them. I recommend that you use a BB10 device like Q5, Z10 and Q10. It is still working flawlessly!

Start Using Glo BIS on PC With Your Blackberry Phone And A USB Cable

You need the following to be able to use Glo BIS on PC:

    You need a Blackberry Phone
    BlackBerry Desktop Software
    A USB cable

Note: Not all Blackberry phones work. I noticed Curve 4, Bold 2, Bold 3 and some other BlackBerry phones work.

You can buy the BlackBerry Desktop Software from the market or download it online.

After the installation of BlackBerry Desktop Software, go to Tools >> Mobile Internet Settings to create a new connection settings using as the APN and *99# as the access number. Now connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable and then finally click on Mobile Internet to connect to the internet.

Using GLO Blackberry BIS Plan on Android Without Changing IMEI

    First insert your GLO SIM into your android device, goto Settings>Mobile Neworks>Access Point Names and edit the it, only change the APN to then subscribe to a GLO blackberry plan, see here for full list of GLO blackberry plans
    Put off the network (under SIM management) or put the andoid device into flight mode.
    Insert the SIM card into a blackberry phone that supports BIS
    Now in the blackberry device you should be able to browse the internet with the SIM, now turn it to use 2G and now 3G/4G, now you should see EDGE in capital letter.
    Open up the default blackberry browser and try to surf the net a little with the BIS plan on EDGE network, if you are unable to browse with the SIM for any reason goto Options>Device>Advance Settings>Host Routing Table> Press the Blackberry opion key (BB sign on your phone) and click register, then remove the blackberry and insert it back (hard reset) then try to browse again with the default browser, you should be able to browse now.
    After browsing a bit on the blackberry phone, remove the SIM and insert in your android device which has its network OFF, now put ON the network or remove from flight mode and you should see H/E now and surely you can start browsing on your android device with the GLO BIS plan.

NOTE: if you put off your android device or your battery runs out you will have to repeat the process, so the best is, before your battery runs out just put OFF network then put back ON whe you have charged it

You can also create hotspot on your android device and enjoy GLO Blackberry BIS plan on your computer