Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Subscription Data Plans And Activation Codes

Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Subscription Data Plans And Activation Codes

As said earlier on when i posted Glo Internet Data Plans and Code i'll be posting every network Data plans one after the other. Here is the full list of Airtel Nigeria Blackberry subscription Plans and activation code.

Airtel have many Blackberry plans to enable BB users enjoy their devices. Depending on how your pocket weigh, there is daily, weekly and monthly plans. You can choose between the BlackBerry Complete/BlackBerry Social plans and BlackBerry Unlimited Plan depending on your needs.

The BlackBerry Complete Plan enable users to have access to BBM, BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging with Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Included is full access to browse the internet, BlackBerry App World, Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and one Web-based Email Account such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. While the BlackBerry Social Plan as it name implies is for users who wish to socialize and be connected to Facebook and Twitter, and also browse the internet. With BlackBerry social plan, users can also get BBM, BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry App World and Instant Messaging.

This is quiet odd but i can't resist from posting it because i do get daily mail on same request for Network Data plans and i hope after posting it all here, the incoming mail will reduce somehow.

BlackBerry Complete & BlackBerry Social Plan
Plan             Price     Validity     SMS  to 440     USSD
Complete Monthly#1,400     30 Days     bcm         *440*1#
Complete Weekly #400     7 Days         bcw         *440*2#
Complete Daily     #100     24 hours     bcd         *440*3#
Social Monthly     #1,200     30 Days     bsm         *440*4#
Social Weekly     #400     7 Days         bsw         *440*5#
Social Daily     #100     24 hours     bsd         *440*6#

Note: Airtel BB plans have data caps. The monthly package (i.e Social & complete plan is awarded 1GB). The weekly plans (i.e social & complete plan is awarded 100MB). While the daily plan which cost #100 is around 10MB.

BlackBerry Unlimited Plan

Plan     Price     Validity     Data Cap     SMS to 440     USSD
Monthly #1,500     30 Days     Unlimited     bbum         *440*16#
Weekly     #525     7 Days         Unlimited     bbuw         *440*17#
Daily     #100     24 hours     Unlimited     bbud         *440*18#

BlackBerry Complete Plan *NEW*
Plan     Price     Validity     Data Cap     SMS to 440     USSD
Monthly #1,000     30 Days     200MB         bbcm         *440*19#
Weekly     #350     7 Days         50MB         bbcw         *440*20#
Daily     #70     24 hours     10MB         bbcd         *440*21#

Note: The UNLIMITED plans still have data caps, but fair usage policies apply, meaning that you will still have access to the internet when you exceed the limit but at a slow pace.

Each of the plans above can also be activated through the *141*1# USSD menu.


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