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MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi ~ Fast and Smart Data Card with WiFi


MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi ~ Fast and Smart Data Card with WiFi

 Review of: MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi
Reviewed by: Saurabh Saha
On November 28, 2014
Last modified:December 11, 2014


More Details

Gone were the days when we had only a single computer in our house which used to haveinternet connection (probably dial-up internet). Whenever we require to browse web, we need to go to that PC room, wait for our turn (because someone is already using that internet PC).

Now, technology advancement has made accessing internet so much easy. We now have portable internet devices, data connection service and WiFi in our smartphones, tablets and laptops/PCs. So, when you are up to buy an internet modem, it should have WiFi Hotspot feature to connect your devices to internet upon login.

People use WiFi adapter in their home to offer every family member internet service from single internet connection but, enjoying same benefit outside is still a distant dream because WiFi adapter connects only with wired connection so it can't be use outside and portable data cards provide internet only to the USB-connected device (laptop, computer).

Observing this problem and finding it a very essential requirement to have WiFi hotspot feature in Data Cards, MTS has launched MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi – A smart data card with fast internet and WiFi hotspot feature.

Having this device in our pocket is like dream come true as it is offering internet connection to multiple devices anywhere outside. Just plug-in the device either to PC/laptop or power adapter that comes along – while providing internet access to that USB connected device, this smart data card is also creating WiFi Hotspot to let many other devices  such as Smartphone, Tablets, Friend's Laptop etc. to connect through WiFi and enjoy its internet connection.

The data card utilizes MTS extremely fast  3GPLUSTM Network providing connection speed of up to 9.8 MBPS.

Unboxing MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi

MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi comes neatly arranged in a box which contains all needed documents and components. Open it up and you'll find MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi and power adapter organized in a plastic case. Documents like Registration form, Guide etc. are laying below this plastic case.

The box contains these five components:

  • One EVDO Rev.B Data Modem
  • One Power Adapter/Travel Charger
  • One Customer Application Form
  • One User Manual
  • One Warranty Certificate

How to use MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi?

Even if addition of WiFi feature has increased complexity, MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi is still providing very easy installation and connection for devices. And, you have user manual along to help you in case you stuck anywhere.

To use its internet connection through USB port

Just like conventional data cards, just plug the device to your computer/laptop through USB Port, and install MBLAZE_Mylink Software which it automatically asks to install as soon as the data card is connected.


After installation, click MBLAZE_Mylink through your desktop shortcut and it will open your MBLAZE Dashboard link on web browser. The dashboard tells you current connection (data sent/received), network strength, uploading/downloading speed, WLAN Status and number of devices connected to MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi hotspot.

MBlaze Dashboard (1)

Activate your MBLAZE Ultra WiFi Data Card by clicking on ACTIVATE MBLAZE link available at top menu. It will open a pop-up window for you to enter username and password for your MBLAZE. By default, the user name and password both are admin. Enter it and it will activate the data card to offer internet connection.

Login Mblaze

Other important links provided here are:

  • Check My Number – To know your MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi Fi number
  • Check My Balance – It will send an SMS automatically to MTS Server which will respond back telling you the available balance, data and validity for your MBLAZE
  • Setting, Notification, My Account, etc.

To use it directly through Power Adapter

Even if you don't have access to PC or laptop, MBLAZE Ultra WiFi can be used by directly connecting it with power source. Just plug it with power adapter and connect with power point. Both of its signals (network and WLAN signals) will activate and start offering you WiFi hotspot facility.

Quick Features and Specifications of MBLAZE Ultra WiFi

  • Plug & Play (White) Data Dongle with WiFi
  • CDMA 2000 1X Rev.A/Rev.B
  • Up to 14.7Mbps Downloading/5.4 Uploading Speed
  • Receive Diversity
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n – Connects to 5 devices simultaneously
  • microSD Card Slot to share your movies, songs and documents stored in your microSD card through Wi-Fi
  • Switch on the device either by plugging into the travel charger or by docking with USB port of a Computer
  • Bundled with VAS services: MTS TV, MTS Shop, Games, Entertainment, PC Safe anti-virus
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


Pricing and Availability

MBlaze Ultra Wi-Fi has a marked price of Rs. 2650/- but you can buy it online directly from MTS Store for just Rs. 999/- with  postpaid data plans – Postpaid-500(5GB UL Day+5GB UL Night), 700(7GB UL Day+ 7GB UL Night), 999(20GB UL Day+20GB UL Night) and for Rs. 1,749 with Prepaid 10GB bundled usage for 15 days plan.

Final Thoughts

MTS MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi is a gadget built for internet generation. You can connect up to 5 devices with it at once. For all of you who always need to stay online, inside or outside your home, MBLAZE Ultra Wi-Fi is a gadget to buy. Use either as conventional data cards or as WiFi hotspot, connect wither through PC/laptop or directly power point, this smart data dongle is provided you most convenient option to connect multiple devices with internet.

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