How To Download/Install Whatsapp App On Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones

How To Download/Install Whatsapp App On Nokia Asha 200 And 205 Phones

Whatsapp Whatsapp Whatsapp is almost 90% of the world's known best chatting application because it has so many features such as playing videos, sending video , and so many others.

If BBM which is now on Android phone is not careful, whatsapp as an chatting app will flawlessly leave them behind, so BBM should fasten up and get ready.

The below tutorial which is listing out,  will give you an ultimate guideline to install Whatsapp messenger on your java phones such as Nokia Asha 200, Asha 205 and etc which are official unsupported but techmoses has found out the best way to make it install. 

All the java device which you wishes to install this app on must be memory free from the internal memory. You must more than 4MB to proceed with this below tutorial.

Ensure that you remove one SIM card, and leave the sim you want to use to access internet while installing the Whatsapp application and setting it up so you do not have to set up favourites failed.

How To Proceed With This Installation Whatsapp On Java Phones As Asha 205 and 200

Below are the steps to Install Whatsapp App on s40 Java Mobile Phones Such as Asha 200 and 205

*. Now to get started you will need to download the Raw file i.e the zipped file by clicking here.

*. Now after the downloading the app just unzip the file and copy the whole folder to your memory card.
Techmoses wants yot to use your laptop or computer to perform this tutorial but x-plorer is still a good choice only well operated.
*. Read more at how to download whatsapp on x2 and c5
*. Then, just goto the folder and DO NOT launch the whatsapp application, techmoses repeat it DO NOT launch the app because if you dare it just forget it and start all over. 

*. Then just copy the application from the memory card to My Apps or Games Folder.

*. Then go back to the initial folder and just delete it.

*. Then, proceed by going to the whatsapp application located in your phone and just tap the update version butto and wait for some minute to get a successful update and just launch the application.
Ensure that you do not miss one step but if you followed it accordingly and it tells you operations fail or your mobile phone is not supported then just do this step below to get it done.

Are You Seeing Operations Failed?

*. Firstly, close it and your whatsapp will be successfully installed and working.
*. Then proceed by downloading this two files from this page and this one too.
Then download it, copy them to a folder on your memory card, then rename them like this WhatsApp_jar will now be WhatsApp.jar then WhatsApp_jad will be WhatsApp.jar
After that doing this, just contiune from the number * (4).
The Below link are for those, who are still not able to install Whatsapp including the zipped and unzipped file on their mobile phone.
*. Just download the app from Nokia store CLICK HERE
*. While the below step are for those who are in india who are getting error on updating favorites.
*. Just get a Nokia phone which has a working whatsapp messenger app.
*. Now copy the application to the phone memory card.
*. Then remove the memory card and insert it back into your mobile phone and copy the whatsapp to your phone. After this you are done whatsapping on your Nokia Asha 200.



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