Some Useful SEO Trends of 2014 at Your Fingertips

Some Useful SEO Trends of 2014 at Your Fingertips


Be it a smaller enterprise or a larger one, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is required for every company. Optimization is the biggest factor, when it comes down to online marketing. 
The year of 2013 has seen many changes and challenges in SEO. Infact the Google algorithm underwent some big changes in this decade. To increase the search engine visibility, there are some necessary things, which you need to be aware of. 

SEO can either make or break your online presence and reputation. Planning a strategy and optimizing a website is highly necessary. If your service provider is a reliable and reputed company, then the SEO specialist in Sydney will be well aware of the recent changes in the world of SEO. Mobile optimization, content marketing, social media integration, and brand building are the mandatory steps to make your presence felt in Google to shape your assured success in SEO. 

Let's Have Look SEO Tips for 2014

Responsive web design

In this era, when everything is going the mobile way, it is highly necessary that websites are designed keeping in mind that majority users maybe surfing from small screen devices like smart phones and tablets. The ongoing SEO strategies should incorporate mobile searches to increase the mounting popularity. Infact the condition is such that, we cannot even imagine our lives without mobile phones and more than majority of the population browses from mobiles, so an website lacking the responsive deign would not be able to open there and would mean lost sales. 

Quality Rich Content

Quality content will still matter the most. Unique and SEO friendly content can enhance the optimization. Spun content or copied content, or keyword stuffed content does not fall under rich quality content. With the recent hummingbird updates, search engines have become smarter and do not accept anything below high quality content. 
Grammatically error free content, which is unique and engaging with right amount of keyword stuffing, is sure to succeed. 

User experience matter the most

A happy user is also a happy customer. We all know that the User experience matter the most. Make the website user friendly and navigation friendly for satisfied visitors. Make the experience remembered by them. Keep it simple, attractive, and appealing enough to atleast keep the viewers engaged for long enough to atleast make a purchase. 

No excess usage of Flash

If your intention was to attract more visitors at the first glance only, then usage of Flash is not going to help. More usage of Flash is sure to lower down the speed of your website. After the arrival of HTML5, Flash is slowly fading out among the designers and developers. Also in the smaller devices, HTML 5 work better and lowers down the loading time. The SEO specialist in Sydney, which you are hiring for your upcoming project, must be well aware of all the trends, which are not just fads, but are here for some reason and its usability. 

Social media connection

Keeping a link to the social media sites is highly necessary. Social media plays a big role in popularizing and publicizing anything in-front of a large mass. If you are not making links to your sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, then you are definitely missing out a large chunk of customers. 


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