Caller Tunes Business: How To Set It Up and Make Money From It

“Finally… A Professional and EASY Way To PROFIT From GSM Shortcodes…”

Caller Tunes Business simply involves setting up a service that allows other people to download and assign a variety of  sound heard when their friends, colleagues and family members call their gsm number with a tune of their choice.
What is a Caller Tune?
Caller Tunes is the personalized ring back service that enables you change the conventional "ring ring" sound heard when your friends, colleagues and family members call you with a tune of your choice. Caller Tunes entertains your callers with a selected music each time your phone rings. You can get it from VAS providers or sites that offer premium caller tunes services in Nigeria. You can not get it directly from Mtn, Glo, etc
The airtime billing of people that send a text to a caller tune code like in the case of mtn '4100' is different from the way they are billed when they text gsm numbers. Caller tunez billing is also different from shortcode billing system. Unlike shortcode that have the following tariff, N30, N50, N100. Caller tune has N50 tariff per download monthly. The tariff is the airtime value that will be deducted whenever anyone respond to the caller tune code.
I believe you now have a detailed understand of what caller tune is all about. Though that is not the catch of today's post. The major thing is for you to discover how to make huge money from the caller tune service. You will soon find out.
Get Into The Caller Tunes Business
Caller Tunes Business simply involves setting up a service that allows other people to download and assign a variety of  sound heard when their friends, colleagues and family members dial their gsm number with a tune of their choice. People that download and assign a particular sound to replace the conventional "ring ring" sound are billed automatically by their network provider and you the promoter of that tune get your own share of it.
The voice of religious leaders, top artiste, activist, comedians, gospel singers are examples of tunes that are been assigned as Caller Tunes. You can't imagine the response you will get if you effectively promote the songs of top artiste like Davido, 2 Face etc. their raving fans will gladly throw away their N50 to you while creating a unique identity for themselves.
If you set up a caller tunez service, you can make money in partnership with the mobile network operators, while you also have access to the phone numbers of the caller tune subscribers for other marketing purposes.

From the above image, the song code is '046371' and while the network caller tune code is 4100 (MTN). The various supported mobile network operators do have their unique caller tune codes.
How much can I make from Caller Tunez Business in Nigeria?
The N50 airtime value is what you share with the network providers. So whenever someone downloads the song N50 is deducted from his/her airtime.
It is a volume based business. Meaning you have to get a lot of people to be downloading your caller tune. The more people download the caller tune the more money you accumulate.
How much you make from the caller tune depends on the agreed sharing percentage between you and the mobile operators as prevented by the VAS provider. Normally, the MNO's takes more if the song is not an hit track or not done by a popular artist. You get a higher percentage for songs done by top artiste like 2 faceDavidoIyanya etc because such tunes attract high traffic  based on large fans base.
Once a gsm user responds to your caller tune promotion, lets say with an MTN number using the song AYE by Davido for example. The person text "030731" to 4100. MTN will deduct the downloading fee of N50 immediately.
Unlike shortcode and other mobile content services where VAS providers have  a user interface to provide it's client with real time logs. For Caller Tunes, the telecoms themselves provides a monthly report for every tunes to the VAS providers and then the vas providers in turn send the report to it's clients.
No fears, because the payment is made straight to the bank details filled in the contract document which is usually done by the caller tune promoter.
Supported Networks
These are the three major networks whose users are crazily responding to the caller tune subscription.
The number of people that respond to your caller tune, will determine how much you make from the business.
How To Make Money From The Caller Tune Services In Nigeria
Firstly, you have to get your caller tune set up.
- Acquire an authorization letter from the owner of the song permitting you to distribute it's song as a caller tune.
- Proceed to a VAS provider to set up the tune for you by uploading the song and sharing code for the various operators with you.
The authorization letter can be received directly from the artiste. If it is an artiste you know personally then you can approach him but for big stars you are advised to approach the record label. Approaching the record label make the process easier as you can walk into their office at anytime. Unlike to meet with Davido, Tu face etc.
Some artiste will easily issue you the letter because they know you are also promoting them while some will demand for royalty.
If it is a religious leader's voice then you have to visit the church office and discuss your proposal to distribute it as a claler tune with them. The authorization letter will be written on the ministry letter headed paper stating it's permission to you.
Secondly, you need to get people to download the tune. The more people download the tune the more money you rake into your account. As I said earlier it's a game of volume. Imagine all the members of a particular church like any of these leading ministries whose Leaders voice are highly respected downloading the tune monthly…REAL MONEY!
You can promote your caller tune by flyers, radio jingle, banner ads on high traffic websites and blogs. For some time someone has been promoting a caller tune on lindaikeji's blog. BulkSMS is also a great way to promote your caller tune. But then you need to buy a valid gsm database and use bulk sms sites to promote your caller tune.
Here is a typical sms campaign you can use to promote you caller tune
"There is a power in the spoken words. Download the prophecy of Bishop xxxx as your caller tune n stay blessed. Text "xxxx" to 4100"
Common religious caller tunes people crazily respond to are voice of Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Adebayo, Pastor Chris etc.
The campaign above can rake in good income from a large number of mobile phone users. A lot of people will respond to such bulksms promotion leading to maximum return on investment (ROI). Other tunes with high conversion are Top Artiste songs, Motivationals etc.
Where To get a Caller tune set up for your in Nigeria
If you are ready to get your caller tune now, go to
You can trust them for premium caller tunes and shortcode set up.
Every day, I'm grateful for a chance to share an idea, strategy or challenge with you. I appreciate the attention and your trust, it would be impossible to do this without you.
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