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Forgiveness and Consequences

Forgiveness and Consequences

By Dr. Charles Stanley editted by ehijoshua

The apostle Paul wrote, "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap" (Gal. 6:7). As familiar as we are with this cause-and-effect relationship, there is still some confusion about how it fits with the forgiveness of God.

After receiving divine mercy, some believers expect the Father to miraculously erase the cost of their sinful choices. When that doesn't happen, they may start to wonder, Did God really forgive me? Does He truly love me if I'm still suffering?

So the question in their mind is, Should Christians who have been forgiven by their Creator have to endure the results of their sin? The answer is, "Yes, sometimes." Forgiveness and consequences are not opposite ends of a spectrum. Together, they establish an essential part of the Lord's plan for believers.

Forgiveness is relational. The Father sent Jesus to make a sacrifice on our behalf, and by so doing reconciled us to Himself. By His mercy alone, we can have communion with the Lord.

On the other hand, consequences are circumstantial. The man who drank for many years and developed cirrhosis of the liver knows that his disease has a direct link to his alcohol abuse. The woman who had an affair realizes, deep in her heart, that her ruined marriage was a direct consequence of her sinful choice. The promiscuous person knows his sexually transmitted disease is a result of an immoral lifestyle. God does not often remove consequences like these simply because someone trusts Christ as Savior or confesses sin.

I could go into other illustrations, but perhaps the most compelling one comes from the cross itself. Christ made it clear that the thief dying with him was completely forgiven (Luke 23:39-43). Yet moments later, the man died an excruciating death. His sins had been erased in God's sight, but he suffered the punishment for his crime.

Consequences from sin are not an indication that a person isn't saved or that God is angry with the individual. The Lord frequently allows some painful situations to continue so He can teach us lessons we would otherwise never learn. For example, suffering caused by sin can lead us in quiet desperation to seek God's forgiveness. Very few things motivate us to give Him our undivided attention like being faced with the cost of our wrong choices. When we draw near to the Lord, He reveals how to respond correctly to painful circumstances. Unprecedented spiritual growth will often result.

And even painful consequences do not prevent us from rejoicing in the Lord's gifts of salvation and grace. We all have scars. Their purpose is not to cause us grief as a daily reminder of our sin, but rather to remind us of how gracious and merciful the Lord is. Praise God! He loves us and chooses to work though us despite our past mistakes and wrong choices. People who still bear scars from past sins often become the most effective at leading unbelievers to know Jesus as their Savior.

Our attitude toward negative consequences affects how we relate to our heavenly Father. A negative approach could lead us to become bitter, whereas a positive attitude could bring us to a point of understanding and gratitude for the daily reminders of divine mercy. We can view our scars as monuments to God's grace, or as ongoing punishment. I encourage you to see them as proof of your spiritual healing. If you do, I guarantee that you will change, even when circumstances stay the same. But in that case, your ability to trust God in difficult situations will take on new and exciting dimensions.

Rest assured, sinful decisions have consequences, if not in this life, then in the next. We are blessed, though, because the principle of reaping and sowing works in a positive way as well: "The one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life" (Gal. 6:8). We can sow good seeds that will turn negative situations into positive ones. For instance, I've known couples who started to make wise decisions after suffering the results of poor financial choices. Over time, they experienced the benefit of their right actions.

Don't spend the bulk of your time trying to convince God to remove painful consequences. Try praising Him instead. In His wisdom, the Lord allows these reminders to keep you away from further sin and its effects. As you humble yourself before Him, ask the Father to give you the ability and courage to walk away from sin and toward His almighty arms. Begin "sowing" to please the Spirit rather than your flesh. God may never change your circumstances, but He will renew your strength and change your life.

Adapted from "Charles Stanley's Handbook for Christian Living" (1996).

Copyright 2014 In Touch Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. In Touch grants permission to print for personal use only.


How To Tweak Your Phone IMEI & Get Etisalat Free 1.5GB Every Month

How To Tweak Your Phone IMEI & Get Etisalat Free 1.5GB Every Month

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this lovely post. Changing the IMEI of Android devices is no more something new to each and every one of us. This post also relates to those articles of changing Android IMEI but the dimension will be different. 

Do you know that Etisalat gives free 500MB for every new Infinix Zero device purchased and that free 500mb is valid for a month. The trick here is, we are going to make them think we're using a new Infinix Zero phone by changing our Android device IMEI Number to the new Infinix Zero IMEI which is usually 15 digits.

Below is the tutorial to tweak your phone IMEI to be entitled to this 500MB, regardless of the kind of Android Device you are using.
Steps Required to Get Etisalat Free 500MB and Above On Any Android Device

  1. Generate the IMEI
  2. Tweak your Phone IMEI
  3. Get your Free Megabytes
1. How To Generate IMEI Like New Infinix Zero IMEI

  • The first thing we need here is the first  8 digits of the Infinix Zero IMEI which is 35585906
  • Remains 7 digits, right? Out of the 7 digits, you can add any 6 digits you like e.g. 135790. This makes up 14 digits. E.g 135790 making it looks like this 35585906135790x
  • The last digit is crucial for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. You don't just put any digit. That last digit is called the check digit and it can be generated from a site.
  • To get the last digits, check out this link:
  • Enter the 14 digit IMEI in the space provided and click on Check, it will provide you with the last digit.
  • Whatever digit it displays is your last digit. So after all the story, my imei is 35585906135790x and x is the check digit. When I checked it using that link, my x turned out to be 1 so IMEI = 355859061357901
2. Tweak your Android Phone IMEI
Copy your generated IMEI and use it to tweak your MTK Android device or any other Android Phone that support changing IMEI.
Check any of the below links for your Phone compatible method of changing IMEI;
» Simple Method for Changing All MTK Android IMEI to BB IMEI
» Universal Method For Changing Any Android IMEI to BB IMEI + HTC Androids Special Method
» Easy Method To Root and Change Imei of The New Mtn Android Smartphones S620&S720i
» Change IMEI Number Through Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab

To Get your Free 500MB
Once your IMEI has been successfully changed, Send MID to 8186 and 500MB will be given to you as it is shown in the screenshot below.
Note: You'll be receiving this 500MB every month for good 12months!

Am not through yet, still follow me anxiously.
Once you've received the free 500MB, you can do the below:
  • Look for Tecno P3 IMEI, Tecno R7 IMEI, Tecno F7 IMEI or Phantom Z IMEI, get the first 8digits of the IMEI and repeat the steps above for the Infinix Zero,
  • For Tecno F7 and R7 the first 8digits IMEI is 86115502 and for Nokia XL IMEI, the first 8digits is 35366506
  • Send DATA to 8186 and more MB will be given to you.
You have no reason to complain of any data zapping. Take your straw and suck MB from Etisalat Data base, Enjoy it while it last.

 Hope this info helps? Feel free to share this post with your friends using the Share/Like buttons.

Airtel Free Megabytes, Get 200MB Without Paying A Dine

Airtel Free Megabytes, Get 200MB Without Paying A Dine

You will never believe until you give it a trial. The tweak was tested and working fine before posted, it doesn't require any Airtime, you can get it done with N0.0k balance, but it is working on some selected Airtel SIMs, not on all SIMs, so if you try it with a line and is not working, don't be panic, try to find another Airtel SIM to get it done. I have 3 different Airtel SIM, only one of them was lucky to received free 100MB and one of my closest friends received 200MB on each of his 2 Airtel SIM. Just follow the below steps to get it done on your Airtel SIM.

First of all, your Airtel SIM must  be on club 10 PAddi.
Dial *166# to migrate to club 10 PAddi.

After you have successfully migrated to club 10 PAddi,
Just dial *141*13*200# to receive free, 200MB or
Dial *141*13*100# to receive free 100MB

It is simple as that, enjoy it while it last.

Hope this information helps?
If it works for you, don't forget to drop your testimony and remember to Click Share/Like buttons for the benefit of others.
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- See more at:

Get Glo Bis 3GB of 1K and Enjoying Surfing with Your Android Phones and PC

Get Glo Bis 3GB of 1K and Enjoying Surfing with Your Android Phones and PC

Earlier last month, I made a post on how to use Glo Bis on Non Blackberry Devices, but unfortunately only few people were benefited while it wasted other people's money. Today I am happy to tell you that we have found an everlasting solution to it. Android users can now enjoy Glo Bis of 3GB on their phone and it also works for PC with the aid of tethering.

To Subscribe for Glo Bis of 3GB at 1K
  • Text  "COMonth" without quote to 777 at N1000/month (3GB plan)
Their are Two Method to make it Work on Android Phone

Method 1 To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone
  • Make sure you subscribe to it on a blackberry phone, 
  • Use it to browse with that blackberry for some minute before you remove the SIM, 
  • Then Insert that SIM to your Android phone.
  • Configure the APN of your Android phone with and activate it as your default setting.
  • Switch on your data connection (H won't display yet).
  • Off your Android phone again and remove the SIM (make sure the APN is set to ).
  • Insert the SIM to BB phone again (make sure it's on 3G also and it display BB sign beside it)
  • Browse for some mins (download if possible)
  • The return it back to your Android phone and keep surfing.
Method 2 To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone
The second method is nothing related to the above. It's tweaking your IMEI Method.
This involves change the Android IMEI to Blackerry one and it is a sure method that make it work flawlessly and you won't need to worry over  Glo bis on Android phone anymore; but it's very risky because it can brick your phone and the method is only recommend for Advance users only.

To Generate Blackberry IMEI For Your Android Phone
  • Download This Software to your PC here
  • Unrar the file, copy and paste the three .sys files inside the folder to your C:\Windows folder
    Double click on GIPv4.1 to open
  • Click on generate IMEI
  • Copy down the blackberry IMEI you see without the pin except you have an ulterior motive.
How to Change Your Android Phone IMEI Number To Blackberry
Disclaimer: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer.
Also, backup your original imei incase anything goes wrong then revert using the above procedures for changing.

Before you begin, backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) should in case it get bricked.

There are two ways you can easily get this IMEI changing done which are Mobile Uncle and Terminal Emulator.

To Change IMEI Number Through Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab
For Single Sim Device
1. Your phone must be a Rooted Device
2. Download Terminal Emulator from Play Store
3. Open Android Terminal Emulator
4. Type SU then press ENTER button to get Superuser permmison
3. After that, type this command then press ENTER buttonecho 'AT+EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_NUMBER"' >/dev/pttycmd1
or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/pttycmd1

For Dual Sim Phones
1. Rooted Android phone or tablet.
2. Install Android Terminal Emulator app
3. Open Android Terminal Emulator.
4. Type SU then press ENTER
5. Type the following command then Eneter echo 'AT+EGMR=1,7, "IMEI_NUMBER" ' >/dev/pttycmd1
6. If your phone is dual-sim, typ this command then ENTER echo 'AT+EGMR=1,10, "IMEI_NUMBER" ' >/dev/pttycmd1
7. Last step, reboot your phone/tablet and done.

Second Way of Changing IMEI
This works best for some MTK devices, click here for intensive procedures.

That is all.

Can I Activate Glo Bis on My Android After Changing My IMEI?
You can do that but It's more advisable to subscribe on blackberry device before inserting it on your Android device.

How To Use Glo Bis on PC and iPhone/iPad

This will only work on PC and iPhone/iPad through tethering with the Hotspot on your phone. 

Hope this info helps? Feel free to share this post with your friends using the Share/Like buttons

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