Review: Best and Affordable internet Data Plans To Go For In October 2014

Review: Best and Affordable internet Data Plans To Go For In October 2014

First and foremost,  Happy 54th Independence Anniversary! to all our Nigerian readers/viewers.
It has been a while I reviewed the best and affordable internet plans for all Smartphones/PC. Today, I'd brief you guys with the best and cheapest internet data plans which I hope they really nice for you to enjoy in this new Month.
Nothing is permanent in this life, note that the Airtel network provider has stopped their blackberry double your data bundle promos of 4GB which goes for N1,500 with 2months validity and 6GB of N3,000 with that 3month validity. We really enjoyed those plans as they work with all our devices. Hope they should reconsider us soon, but we still have to move forward towards with the rest best data plan for Smartphones/PC.
·         For Android Users
As for data consumption, we all know how Android mobile phones zap our data bundle with all impunity, but I once published a post on how to Manage Your Data Bundle and Optimize Your Battery, kindly view its details here. I advice you to go through the post to avoid draining of your battery and data bundle. 
Glo Bis is one of my all-time best and the cheapest internet plan at the moments as it can codedly be tweaked to work with Android devices by merely tweaking your imei to BB plan. Glo bis is also giving you the opportunity to top your data up to 12GB to last you for 4months… Is this not unique? Not only that. The data usage doesn't even move at all; meaning that you won't be able to finish Glo data except you're one heavy internet user. That package is highly recommended for Android users and BB10 users. To Subscribe for Glo Bis, send Comonth to 777 and to check your data balance, dial *777*0#

Apart for Glo Bis, I also recommend Mtn Affordable Data Bundle through Trusted Third Party Agents ( or for Android Users. MTN Night Plan specially for those who knows their way out after the bonus has been exhausted, dial *102# to subscribe. 
 A few months ago, Airtel introduced Android Internet Plans which I shared here; the prices seem to be extremely expensive. Why will I buy 2GB for N2,000? Though the 4GB of N1, 500 is no more working, but when I know I can get this same 2GB for N1, 500 and this so called Airtel Android plan are not even better Airtel Bis when we are talking of data zapping. You can still subscribe for Airtel Bis of 2GB on your Android device, but I did not recommend it ooo because it's still zaps data on Android devices, simply dial *440*16# to subscribe.

·         For iPhone/iPad and PC Users:
The above aforementioned recommended plans for Android users is also recommended for iPad/iPhone and PC users, excluding the Glo Bis, because it won't work on your device directly except through tethering. 
We have not yet detected the surest method for changing IMEI of iOS devices to blackberry one, and changing your iPhone/iPad imei to blackberry imei can only make you use the Glo Bis on your iOS.
Airtel BIS plan is working fine on the iPhone/iPad and PC and its data deduction is very normal, so you can still subscribe to their 2GB.

For Blackberry Users
The best data plan to use is Glo Monthly Bis, which offers 3GB for just 1k. This plan is very nice, it's server is very fast and the plan counts like snail. Unlike Etisalat Bis Plan, it also offers 3GB for just 1k with same fast internet speed, but the stumbling block of the Etisalat Bis Plan is that, it's data counting is fast, might not last you a month regarding to your downloads, but that of the Glo Bis data bundle is more preferred and is highly recommended for BB10 users too. Simply dial *777*9# and you would be opt-in to the Glo Monthly Bis package.
·        Tips About Etisalat
Actually, I don't like writing reviews about Etisalat because they have one of the most tight networks in Nigeria. Their data plans are standstill and expensive; imagine subscribing for 500mb on Android with 2k. Thank God, they recently introduced new fair data plans that can be used for any device, for N1,000 you will get 1GB Data Bundle, but before you go for it, try to read it's more details here.

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