How To Improve Your Online Writing

How To Improve Your Online Writing

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The most common mistake rookies make when starting online writing is thinking it’s the same as writing elsewhere. It’s very different and hence, requires a different methodology to be done effectively. Anyone can write a blog post, but not all know how to write a great blog post that makes the audience want to come back to the site. So what is the secret that makes great online writing great? Today we share 5 tips for improving your online writing skills.

1: Be Concise

be concise
Online writing is meant to be concise and short. If you read articles online, then you’ll know what we are talking about. Online readers mainly skim through an article and never go into the details. If you’re writing is too complicated, not only will your readers have a hard time trying to make sense of what you’re saying, they’ll move on to the next website that offers relevant information.

Keep your articles short, preferably below 500 words. This doesn’t apply to blog posts where you need to be elaborate enough to effectively communicate the subject. Write your article so that it delivers the information effectively in the minimum number of words possible.

2: Know your Domain

Generally your readers on the internet are hobbyists and have keen interest in the topic you are writing on. So when they are reading your work, they expect you to deliver something new to them. They expect you to be the expert. Now it’s up to you to deliver to them the quality they are expecting from you. Doing this will establish your name as an authentic and valuable source of information that they would turn to.

3: Take a Break

take a break
Writing is a time consuming task, and working for longer periods of time can eventually effect the quality of our work. It’s important that you give your mind a break every once in a while so that it can maintain its focus on the task at hand. Working for longer periods of time without any breaks can result in poorly written text that takes two or three sentences to say what can comfortably be explained in a single sentence.

4: Multimedia does wonders

multimedia in blogs
One of the benefits of writing online is the numerous tools at your disposal to communicate your point. Use anything that can help you in making your point, be it a graph, a video an illustration or sound clip. Secondly, it breaks up the article into chunks of text and media. This looks more appealing to the readers as compared to a page full of text.

5: Engage with your Audience

engage with audience
Online writing involves two way communication. You inform your readers and your readers give you their opinion on the subject. Encourage interaction with your audience. Asking for their opinion on the subject is the most common way to encourage comments.
Don’t be afraid of criticism, instead welcome it because every once in a while they can give you valuable tips to improve your writing or even point out flaws in your writing methodology.

Developing your online writing skills takes a lot of time and patience. But even the most experienced writers can’t always get it right. Did you find these tips useful? Let us know in the comment section below.


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