Is Your Password Safe Enough? [Infographic]

Is Your Password Safe Enough? [Infographic]

IsYourPasswordSafe_eHow_FrontPagePasswords are the Achilles' heel of online security. Well, to be accurate, they're one of several heels, making this a really bad analogy. But if you rely on just a couple of passwords for all of your sites, your passwords are easily guessed, or they can be cracked in minutes by a hacker's computer. It's like you have no security at all.

We're here to help. Check out this infographic (click it for a larger view) to see just how secure your online presence is. And after you work your way through the quiz, make sure you're running a password manager that safely remembers all your passwords for you. And flip on two-factor authentication for sites which support it.

After all, you don't want to have this particular problem in common with Jennifer Lawrence.

Decision tree to help figure out how safe your paswords are


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