How to Make Money Selling Ringtones

How to Make Money Selling Ringtones
How to Make Money Selling Ringtones thumbnail Many cell phone owners seek to personalize their phones with select ringtones.

Cell phones and other handheld devices are becoming more prevalent in our society, and the people who own and use them often try to look for ways to personalize them. Some people buy personalized cell phone covers, while others pay to use specific songs and tunes as their ringtones. Some people even get multiple ringtones that they use simultaneously on the same phone, each signifying a specific caller. With your own website, you can make money by selling such ringtones online.


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      Get a website. Do this by buying services from a web hosting company such as Blue Host, iPage or Fat Cow. Whatever service you pick, make sure that it is one that allows you to have unlimited traffic. In choosing a domain name, pick something that will appeal to a specific group of consumers.

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      Open a PayPal account for your website to pay into. PayPal offers services specifically tailored to suit the needs of Internet businesspeople.

    • Become an affiliate with a content service. It would be basically impossible for you to directly sell copyrighted ringtones on your own, as the publishers do not freely license third parties to sell their songs. This content service will give you a percentage of every ringtone sold through your website.

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      Pick songs that appeal to the same consumer group that you were aiming to target when you chose your domain name. For instance, if you are targeting teenage girls, pick songs that teenage girls tend to like. If you are targeting snowboarders, pick songs that snowboarders enjoy.

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      Start an advertising program. The simplest way of doing this is going through a pay-per-click service, such as those offered by Google and Yahoo. Many web hosting companies will give you free points for Google and/or Yahoo advertising. Put a few hundred dollars more into the advertising program on top of this. Another way of increasing traffic to your site is by going to Internet communities or blogs that appeal to your consumer base and posting links.

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      Continue updating your site. Post new songs, pictures and written content regularly, and find other things to sell as well. This will keep your visitors coming back.


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