The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)

The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)

The Best Android Apps were easier to find when there were only a few great apps to choose. Now there are Desires, Droids, and Nexus Ones sparking more incredible apps in the Android Market. These are the 60 Best Android Apps. We added new entries to our previous picks and trimmed the fat to put together a list of incredible apps we believe most users will enjoy.
AppBrain users can download apps by syncing with Top Apps List. All others can scan barcodes by clicking on an app’s name to launch its page. If you don’t know how to use QR codes, visit our tutorial here. Happy app hunting!
Some apps may not be available because of your carrier, location, or phone version. Sorry, guys, but that’s beyond our control.


AppBrain “syncs” apps between desktops and Android Phones. As you browse the Android Market at, filtering out spam apps, the AppBrain app will download each everything that you mark for install/uninstall.
[Read and watch our review of AppBrain]


AppAware is great for discovering what apps to download. It displays the top downloads of other AppAware users, highlighting what’s new and popular. Highlight by hour, day, or week.
[Read and watch our review of AppAware] 

3 (aka Cubed)

3 navigates your music library based on a captivating 3D cube or album cover wall. Swipe and scroll through a visualization of your music library rather than a list view. The app also includes three options for a homescreen widget and information on concerts coming to your area.


Gmote has two functions: one streams music from your phone to your Android device, and the other remotely controls media played on a computer. You can even use the touchpad features to control a PowerPoint presentation. [YouTube]


Users can listen to Clear Channel radio stations from various markets with iheartradio. Listen to your local radio, a favorite station in another city, or a station centered on one recording artist.


Pandora creates personal radio streaming stations. Create a station based on ?And I Love Her? by the Beatles, you’ll hear similar songs from Paul McCartney and Don McLean. Pandora bookmarks songs, mixes multiple stations, and links to easy song purchasing.

Rhapsody ($9.99 a month)

How would you like to stream any of 9 million songs to your Android phone on demand? Would artist/genre radio stations, full albums, and playlists sweeten the deal? That’s Rhapsody. [Read the review]


Shazam matches songs with its massive library and returns the artist, song title, and album information. You can even get additional information, YouTube links, and immediately purchase the song if it’s available in the MP3 library.

Slacker Radio

Slacker is a personal radio app that streams more than 3 million songs. Playlists are diverse, expertly-programmed, and improved by your personal ratings. Slacker also includes an offline mode that caches songs if a connection is lost.

Spotify ($9.99)

Spotify is a European app that provides incredible music streaming options. Users can listen to on-demand music, get custom playlists, and download songs to the phone in case a connection is lost. It’s well worth the price of purchase.

Stitcher Radio

There are plenty of great choices for podcast players, and Stitcher can go to bat with any of them. Download podcasts or radio programs from BBC, CNN, ESPN, FOX, TWiT, and many more. Browse by topic, search, or just stick to your favorites.


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