Top 6 Blogging Communities to Get Huge Traffic

Top 6 Blogging Communities to Get Huge Traffic

I have seen many newbie bloggers saying that they are not getting enough traffic although they are publishing so many articles. Why is so? Here comes the point which they are missing, the blog promotion, which is as much as important and must as creating content. For that there are many different ways to get your blog spread over blogosphere which every problogger talks about and Apart from the usual ways to promote your blog I had also shared some ways to get your blog promoted by unusual ways.

On the top list we talk about social media website like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus for promoting out blog content and that's also award us with some descent traffic only if we have a large fan base and that too targeted. And the second number that comes at the top list is blogging community.
Blogging community not only gives you the targeted traffic but it makes a little different from social media websites. Blogging community gives you great oppuritinuty to make connection with likeminded people, learning from fellow bloggers, asking for help and building high readership.

Benefits of using Blogging communities:

Blogging communities can benefit you in number of ways including commenting, asking questions in forums, promoting your articles, participating in conversation, appreciating others content and much more but in this list I am going to share only those blogging community which are top on the list and offers features which most of blogging communities doesn't provide. Here I am sharing some features which are unique about these communities.


All the blogging community which are listed are high authority and high page rank and best part is they provide dofollow backlinks which is all we wants. Because Google will index your submitted link and passes the page rank juice to your blog which not only increases your page rank but also increase your search engine ranking.

Building relationship

With this blogging community you will be getting yourself into the ocean of people who thinks like you and there are almost all from problogger to beginner. You can ask problogger to help you or ask them to accept you to post guest post on their blog and also helps beginner who might get caught in simple perspective by mean of which you will be creating a community around you which not only helps you to increase your blog exposes but also a backup.Thus building relationship with blogger is one advantage of using blogging community.

List of 6 Blogging Communities to Get Huge Traffic:

Although all blogging community offers same feature but some of these gives unique features as well.
Not going into depth of features really and benefits I would come directly to the list of best blogging community which you should consider using. I would recommend you to at least use 3 blogging communities if you really wants to get something out of it.


Blogengage is number one blogging community which almost every problogger uses. I have made a separate review of blogengage in which I have deeply shared its stunning features. Although it's premium blogging community but the spending one time money is really worth.
I am a member of blogengage and the results we are getting are awesome. I would really recommend you to use and have a look at this platform.


This is another blogging community which I am using and Apart from giving dofollow backlinks, I really liked its simple feature and the way it works. Number of bloggers uses blokube and there are many features which really works when it comes to promote your blog. Unlike Blogengage, blokube is free to use and the registration process is really simple.
Based upon the number of votes your ranking depends and if you create stunning and high quality content, you content get to position one.


Bizsugar is another blogging community which is mostly used by bloggers to promote their posts. When you sign up initially, you would need to go through sign up moderation process while submitting your first article, but after it approves you are free to submit and share infinite posts. This community is best if you want traffic to your blog because being huge number of users you would be getting enormous traffic.


Inbound is another great one in the list which has large number of active users. If you get high votes for your submitted article, you would easily get it to the home page and get features which in return reward to you with precious traffic to your blog. Participating in forum discussion, voting for others etc are few things which you would love to use and build connections around you.


Klinkk is another awesome community you would love to join as it has been continuously spreading and becoming popular among bloggers. Although it is quite same as the blogging community above but you can give it a try and add it to your list.

Indiblogger: Indian Blogging Community:

Strictly for Indian bloggers, indiblogger is one of the top and best blogging communities which I strongly recommend. Similarly operated like other community, it does have some unique features which it makes different from others. Although it is free to join for everyone, but before submitting your first time post there, it need to pass through manual submission from administration. And after that you can only post the links from URL, for which you have been approved. Indiblogger is quite helpful to make friends and look for another blogger around your cities.
  • Another great thing is their indirank, which is a ranking system to make a list of top blogs in India. Category wise they have a list of top bloggers and you can start following them right after the registration.

  • One great thing to mention is bloggers meet which they conduct quite often where all blogger from India get together and show their knowledge. Problogger as well newbie bloggers participate in these bloggers meet, which I found interesting day unique. They also have others lovely features which you would love. So if are blogger based in India, then I would strongly recommend you to use indiblogger.

Summing up:

So if you are one of blogger struggling to get traffic toyour blog, then go ahead and do some homework in blogging community, I bet you would get results straight from the day you enters in. But make sure to not get involved in spammers activities around, otherwise it will only harm you. Try to make connection in positive manners as its only thing which matters lot in blogging.

Please do share with us which of these communities you are looking forward to join and why? And also feel free to share your experience in past if any with any of these community? Although I have put my best to make the best list but if I forgot to mention any other top community which you think should have been added to this list, please share within the comments below. Don't forget to share with your friends on google plus if you liked the post.


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