Top 17 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2014

Top 17 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2014

17 Surefire Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

1. You can write articles on articles submission directories such as Squidoo and Hubpages as they have proven to be great places to getting targeted traffic to any blog as long as you write quality articles.
2. Join Forums that centers around your blog’s Niche and try to be of help in the little way you can to the forum members. Add your blog’s URL in your signature, and from time to time you can add links to articles on your blog that can serve as resources in situations necessary on the forum.
how to get traffic in 2014
3. Try making videos, upload them to Youtube, do a little SEO and promotion and watch your blog receive targeted traffic from this stream.
4. Share your blog posts on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn. Google + shares have proven to have positive effects on a blogs ranking and SEO.
5. Press releases are great ways to pull additional traffic to your blog. You can leverage free press release sites such as Free-Press-Release and PrFree to get press releases that would turn into traffic for your blog.
6. Directories also have proven to be great for getting traffic. Submit your blog to Google and Yahoo Directories for better ranking and in turn additional organic traffic flow to your blog.
7. Join blogging communities such as Blogengage, Blokube and their likes in order to get targeted traffic since these are places where people interested in your articles would definitely converge.
8. Optimize your blog for search engines in order to improve your blog’s rankings and organic traffic. This might take a little while, but concentrating on White Hat ethical methods pay far better than the Black Hat SEO methods.
9. Comment on Comluv enabled blogs. From personal experience, I have gotten a lot of referral traffic due to the fact that I comment on Comluv blogs. This is of a huge advantage because anytime you leave a comment on a comluv enabled blog, you also leave a link back to your latest post which people could click through down to your blog.
10. Run Contests and giveaways on your blog. This not only increases your traffic, but most times also increases your link backs and social media shares.
11. Write powerful and content rich articles, as this would leave your readers with no other option than to always come back to your blog for more, share your articles and often times link to your blog as resource page on their articles if they are bloggers.
12. Join social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit, promote your blog posts there and see the effect this would have on your traffic.
13. Blog consistently. You might not know the power of an improved posting frequency schedule. It has proven to bring about 68% increase in traffic to my blog after I conducted a test.
14. Setup a mailing list. This is a great way to get return visitors to your blog. As long as they subscribe to your mailing list, you can always pitch them with the latest blog post you’ve made. They would likely return to your blog since they trust and know your blog.
15. Submit articles to article directories such as Ezine articles and ACME articles. They have proven to be great ways to build traffic to any website.
16. Reply to comments on your blog. You might be wondering how this adds to your traffic, it gives your readers the feeling that you care about them and would leave them with no other option than to often come back for more of your care.
17. Do a lot of Guest Blogging. Submitting articles to blogs in your Niche in form of guest posts not only would increase your traffic but would also make people regard you to be an authority over time once your name spreads around the blogosphere. I have written a detailed guide on The Anatomy Of A Perfect Guest Post That Attracts Traffic, it has helped a lot of blogger drive massive traffic and should also work for you.
If only you can incorporate these principles into your blogging career, you would definitely see a spike in traffic within the first week of inception.
Feel free to experiment with these strategies that have already been working for me and they sure would work for you. Please share your thoughts below using the comment box.


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