6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Web Design Business

6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Web Design Business

ways to promote a web design business
The internet has really proven to be a place for great money making opportunities in recent times and is the major reason why everyone wants to build a website for their business. Considering the fact that all businesses are going online, web-designers are really sort after for their services.
If you started a small webdesign business recently and looking for ways to promote your web design business to get more clients and make more money, here are 6 must know tips for your business promotion.

1. Create A Portfolio

If you intend providing web design services for clients, you surely know how important it is for you to have your portfolio website. A portfolio is were you show off the best jobs and designs you’ve done previously. One thing to bear in mind is that you should have your best jobs out there in your portfolio, and at least 5 screenshots of 5 jobs you’ve done.
Your portfolio has it’s way of convincing clients to do a job with you.

2. Start Designing Almost For Free

If you want to make a head way in this industry, you have to make sacrifices at the start. I’m not trying to encourage you doing free jobs, but you should start with a couple of free or cheap jobs so as to get referral clients. Those clients you did free jobs for would definitely let others know about your services and get you more jobs.
Considering the fact that you need a couple of websites in your portfolio, starting up with free designs would get you websites for your portfolio.

3. Link Back To Your Portfolio Site

On every website you design, make it a habit to link back to your portfolio website. For instance, placing a link from the clients website footer with an anchor text such as “Designed by [Your Company]” . This has proven to be an effective way to get referral clients especially if your design is great.

4. Advertise

The efficacy of advertisement can never be over emphasized. There are a whole number of ways to advertise your webdesign business to reach out to a new audience some of which include;
  • Advertising on social media sites such as Facebook.
  • Make use of Google Adwords to advertise on Google search results.
  • Advertising on blogs that are related to the Web Design niche as you’ll be able to get new clients from this.
  • Advertise your webdesign business Offline with mediums such as the TV Stations, Radio,Newspapers and wherever you find yourself.

5. Don’t Neglect SEO

Search engine traffic is one free traffic source that usually turns out to build a huge client base for firms when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is done properly.
You can learn the basics of Off and On Page SEO, it’ll help you rank your portfolio website for terms such as “Webdesign Services” and more related terms.

6. Start A Blog

Blogging is another method to attract your target audience and clients to your website (business website). I remember I wrote an article sometime about how important a business needs to start a blog. You can read more from the link below.

Your Turn

Having read through this blog post, the best thing you need do is start implementing the tips outlined here and start making more money designing websites.
Feel free to leave your questions and contributions using the comment box below.


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