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DOWNLOAD Netbus v1.6

Netbus v1.6 - Download

Netbus is a troja developed by Carl-Fredrik Neikter, a Swedish hacker and coded in Delphi. This program works under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and NT operating systems. Netbus was first appeared in 1998 with v1.60 and Netbus v1.70 versions. There are Netbus Pro v2.01 and Netbus Pro v2.10 also, they released in 1999. Netbus trojan is still apotential computer security threat.
Hacking with Netbus:

Before you start hacking , make sure the version of Netbus if you are using Netbus v1.60 and v1.70 versions, then the tracked port is 12345. Netbus Pro v2.01 and Netbus Pro v2.10, search for the port 20034.

To run Netbus, we need the 2 files, namely NetBus.exe and Patch.exe. NetBus.exe a control file that is placed on our computers, while placed Patch.exe in the computer "victim" which is a server.
There are many ways to "grow" patch.exe on victim computer. For example by sending as an attachment when you send an email. If the email recipient to execute the file Patch.exe is going to get a copy to the Windows folder. Or use a safe way to spread the patch file.
The next stage is to determine the host or IP addresses that are hack. To find the host address and IP Address terifeksi patch.exe, click the Scan button and then click the Start button. Fill the box with the IP Address Scan start and the box with the IP Address to the end. Wait a moment, if the connection succeeded Connect button will change the Cancel button, and after that we can do what we like, including intercepting another person's email password.
Next, we copy one of these IP addresses, paste it into the field Host name / IP in the main window Netbus programs. Click the Connect button. If the user has not yet decided his connections to the Internet then we will see the connection status message in the window that shows Netbus programs already connected.
Now we can do some things against the victim's computer. Netbus available at least 22 buttons, click the "Active wnds" to see all running programs on the computer person. Or if we are interested to see what is being typed, then click the "Listen." You will see a window as shown in the picture above. Next, please experiment yourself with this program, easy is not it?
Protection against Netbus attacks:
1. Update on anti-virus on your computer, because the virus is categorized Netbus Trojan
2. Install a firewall called Snort for detecting intruders. This software can be obtained for free in
3. Install firewall software-based proxy such as an alarm zone that aims to filter and control all data traffic coming in and been trusted enough to protect your computer from hackers or crackers interference. Explanation of Zone Alarm and downloaded file in here.
4. Install Netbus Detective 5.2. This is a specialist software detecting Netbus all versions.
DOWNLOAD Netbus v1.6


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