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How To Download From Facebook App Centre To Phones and Tablets

How To Download From Facebook App Centre To Phones and Tablets

Facebook has rolled out its App Center to its nearly 1 billion users, so they can find games and other applications with social components more easily. The App Center, available on Facebook's website and on Apple and Android mobile devices, will recommend apps to users based on their interests, the types of apps their friends like, or the apps they have liked in the past. The new App Center will initially feature about 600 Facebook apps, mostly games, reviewed by the company to meet its quality standards.

Facebook said that on mobile devices, the App Center won't compete with other app stores, such as Apple's or Google's. Rather, the App Center will drive growth for social apps whether they're built on iOS, Android, mobile web, or on Facebook.

How To Download Apps From Fb App Centre

If you can't find App Center yet (it is gradually rolling out to users over the next few weeks), you can go to www.facebook.com/appcenter on your desktop browser or m.facebook.com/appcenter on your mobile device to try it now.

To get mobile apps from your regular computer, use the "send to mobile" feature but when using it, be sure to check what platform the mobile app is available for first. If not, you might get a Google Play error if you try downloading an app only available on iOS.

You can check out the App Centre Guide Here.

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