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Blackberry Protect App Lets You Back Up, Secure and Track Stolen BB

Blackberry Protect App Lets You Back Up, Secure and Track Stolen BB

If you are in need of a blackberry protection app that can secure your information if your BlackBerry smartphone goes missing, you can download Blackberry Protect application from the blackberry app world if it is not pre-installed in your BB. If pre-installed, you will have to activate it via "Set Up" on your Blackberry.

It is a free app for blackberry designed to help find your lost BB and keep the information on it secure. You can use it to wirelessly back up the contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages on your BB. If you switch to a new Blackberry phone, you can also use the BB app to wirelessly restore the backed up data to your new BB.

Aside from it being an app, it offers blackberry protect service on the web at www.blackberry.com/protect, where you can interact with your BB if it gets missing. If you log in to the site, you can:

  • lock your BB and optionally set a new password
  • wipe the BB by permanently deleting all data on your device
  • track the current location of your BB

From the Blackberry Protect Website, you can also display a customized message on your BB Home screen for whoever may find it, even if it is locked. Then locate it on a map so you can know where to get it. Or if you think your smartphone is nearby, you can simply force it to ring at full volume right from the website even if sound is turned off.

The Blackberry protect restore feature helped me in recovering my BBM contacts after I reloaded the OS of my Blackberry. I now use it to back up my BB data at least once in a week if not daily. I recommend you start using it asap if you are not already using it.

I hope this helps.

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