Outsourcing in Bangladesh – Earn Money at Home

Outsourcing in Bangladesh – Earn Money at Home Now-a-days Outsourcing in Bangladesh has got popularity. So, people are interested about outsourcing in Bangladesh to make money at home. Even Bangladeshi people are encouraged to work easy jobs to earn money. With a per capita income of $848, Bangladesh can be said to be growing economically. However, this is still not enough when one has to consider that the cost of living is still high and thus the need for outsourcing in Bangladesh to allow different people who have access to internet to get a supplemental income that will help make ends meet. There are definitely many valuable outsourcing companies available to the Bangladeshis and which should be considered especially if one has the necessary skills that he or she can offer and benefit from. Bangladeshis are hard working and are known to possess some exceptional skills such as website development, data entry as well as web programming, which are all needed in the worldwide marketplace. Outsourcing in Bangladesh is therefore a good platform to consider if you have what it takes to compete in this great money-earning platform. If you are considering to look for different sites offering outsourcing in Bangladesh, the first thing that you should consider is how you will be able to access a computer and reliable internet connection. The two highly essential tools that you need as they allow you to access the available outsourcing opportunities and to also work effectively. Once you have these two in place, you can check out on the following sites and see what they have to offer. One of the best sites offering outsourcing in Bangladesh is Odesk.com. This platform has grown in popularity over the years and it is free to join. The site offers a number of outsourcing jobs for freelancers including web programming, web design, article writing and data entry among others. You only need to do a simple Odesk readiness test that takes only a few minutes, verify some details such as your payment methods and after that, you will be ready to go. As a freelance worker in Odesk.com, you can earn as much as $500 per month or even higher depending with your efforts and jobs. This is a great site for outsourcing in Bangladesh and writers can earn up to $10 per article. Jobs available are either fixed-price or hourly and the contractor posting the job determines this. It is however important to note that different jobs are paid differently and earnings deposited in the contractors’ odesk account. Site: www.odesk.com Withdrawal methods include Paypal, Moneybookers, Direct Wire Transfer and Payoneer Debit Card Freelancer.com is yet another great site offering services for outsourcing in Bangladesh. This site has been growing in size and recently acquired another major outsourcing site by the name vWorker.com. freelancer offers workers an opportunity to work on hourly and fixed rate projects but this site is different from odesk. Unlike the aforementioned site that offers free membership, freelancer allows you to join free but has different types of memberships, which one can only access by paying a certain amount of money. Additionally, members who work under freelancer.com are charged fees ranging between 3% and 10% based on their membership level. Members’ ranking includes free and basic members, standard members and premium members. Each membership level has different privileges and one can only enjoying exclusive outsourcing in Bangladesh by paying the set fee. Site: www.freelancer.com Withdrawal methods include Paypal, Express withdrawals, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer and Freelancer.com debit MasterCard. Elance.com is also a good platform for outsourcing in Bangladesh. It offers a wide selection of jobs that are suitable for people with different skills and you should consider opening an account with them. It offers a wide range of jobs ranging from writing to data entry, web design to customer support jobs. It is free to join Elance and one can work on fixed or hourly rate projects, posted by clients looking for workforce from worldwide professionals. Unlike other sites, Elance fees normally include the company’s commission as well as transaction charges for banks and credit cards. These fees however vary depending on the earnings paid for the projects. If you want to benefit from this outsourcing in Bangladesh, it is important to know that membership is divided into 4 levels which include basic or free option where one is limited in the number of work categories you can work on to one job per month. The second category is professional membership where one has to pay $10 monthly fee, small business membership charged at $20 per month and large business membership charged at $40 per month. These different memberships allow you to receive different number of connects (virtual tokens) and other additional advantages which are not available to basic members. Site: www.elance.com Withdrawal methods include PayPal, MoneyBookers, Paper Checks, Automated Clearing house (ACH) and wire transfer. There are many other opportunities for outsourcing in Bangladesh that you can take advantage of, making some extra money that will go a long way in making your life easier. If you are tired of struggling financially and have the necessary skills required, you don’t have to wait any longer, take a step and enroll today.


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