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Make Money with Odesk – in naija

Make Money with Odesk – in naija Make Money with Odesk from naija. It’s an ongoing tutorial to make money from naija. If you follow the instructions, surely in some days you will be able to earn a lot of money from Bangladesh with Odesk easily. I’ll also give you some special trick to earn moeny from Odesk easily. Bangladeshi people are now earning a lot of money from Odesk as a freelancer. So, why are you lagging behind? Be determine and start working. You will surely gain. It’s 100% free to get registered in Odesk. And you will get a free account in some minutes from odesk. Are you now ready to create an free account on Odesk? Okay, let start … Click on this link first https://www.odesk.com/signup/user-type Now, you are in Odesk Registration page. As you want to earn money from Odesk. So, you want to earn money working there as FREELANCER. So, you have to click on Sign Up button under “I need a job“ You are now in a page to get registered as a freelancer in Odesk. Fill up the blank areas with correct information. First Name : Write your first name. Example: If your full name is … Mohammad Bellal Hossain Wtite “Mohammad” in this field Last Name : Write your last name. Example: If your full name is … Mohammad Bellal Hossain Wtite “Hossain” in this field Email : Write your Email address. If you don’t have an email address. Then create a new email address. City : Write down the name of your City. Bangladesh : Write the name of your Country. As you are from Bangladesh, leave it as default. Username : Choose a username anything you wish. But, you should not use any space there. Use Alphabet, Number & Underscore for a valid Username. Example: Developer558, Admin784, Blogger9941 etc Password : Now use a password. Remember, This password will be needed when you will login to Odesk account. Re-type Password : Re-write the password you used before. How did you hear about oDesk : Select anyone from the options. No matter what you choose. Enter the Code Shown : Write the code shown in the Image to the Empty box. And Click on “Get Started” One step is to finish to create your odesk account. Just go to your email address you used creating odesk account. And click on the link that is send you by odesk. Now, Login to your new Odesk account. Do you know that you have already created an Odesk account. But, it’s only the starting of suffering. Because, you have to do a lot of things to make your Odesk 100% perfect. So, be close with me & I’ll help you to get more work on Odesk.

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