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Ways you can make money online Nigerians have made millions on the internet, Nigerians are still making millions and they will still continue to make millions on the internet. I still wonder why a lot of young Nigerian still spend countless hours on the cyberspace indulging in fraudulent activities when there are scores of legitimate things to do online. Many smart individuals are earning thousands of naira online on a monthly basis while some earn enough online to quit their 7-7 jobs to become their own boss. Interestingly, the internet is growing about 45 million internet users, meaning opportunities are also increasing. Evidently, the internet is a great market Nigerians can take advantage of? The next billionaires of the 21century will be those who build businesses that align with the internet. To make money online you don’t have to be a WhizKid or programmer to make money online in Nigeria. Here are three online businesses you can engage in. Information Marketing This is one of the easiest and best businesses you can start online.You can start selling information packages such as CD, eBook, Mp3 and many other information products online. With information marketing, you can become rich in no time since we are in the information age, and people search for information every time. Anybody is qualified to start this type of online business once you’re ready and prepared. With information marketing business, money will keep flowing when you are with friends, sleeping, playing and lots more. Bulk SMS Business This is another lucrative business that has made millions for some individuals. The bulk SMS business is less stressful but makes money. Only recently, a friend told me how he started bulk SMS business. He said the idea came to him suddenly and he followed it through. Then, he bought SMS online and sent it to friends and family. Immediately, he took an action and bold step sending proposal to ten churches and seven schools in his environment. Out of the seven schools and ten churches that received his proposal, six churches and four schools bought his offering. When he started the bulk SMS business, he went home with N30, 000 to N50, 000 every month. But now his portfolio has grown. The secret of success in bulk SMS business is the ability to develop professional and compelling proposals. Blogging Blogging is one another popular means for Nigerians to make money online because I have seen many successful Nigerian bloggers online making decent income monthly. The Bella Naija’s and Linda Ikeji’s of this world are doing very well in the blogging sphere. Blogging is one of the easy things I believe Nigerians can do to make money online. Blogging can be done from the comfort of your room with little or no startup capital. Below are some common ways you can use to make money from your blog: advertising, selling your own product and affiliate marketing.

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