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How to Hack symbian s60v3v5 usin Drakkarius ....Download Drakkarius HERE

How to Hack symbian s60v3v5 usin Drakkarius ....Download Drakkarius HERE 1. Change the date on your phone to 15-5-2007 then install Drakkarius. 2. On installation proccess you will be asked to choose the feature pack (fp1 or fp2) your phone runs. This is a list to know your phone type. This are the list of FP n Phones Pre-FP1 devices . . . . . . . . . Nokia N77 Nokia E61i Nokia E65 Nokia N93i Nokia N91 8GB Nokia E62 Nokia N93 Nokia N73 Nokia N80 Nokia N71 Nokia N92 Nokia E70 Nokia E60 FP1 devices . . . . . . . Nokia 6124 classic Nokia N82 Nokia N95-3 NAM Nokia N95 8GB Nokia N81 Nokia N81 8GB Nokia 6121 classic Nokia 6120 classic Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N76 Nokia 6290 Nokia N95 FP2 devices . . . . . . Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Nokia N78 Nokia N96 Nokia 6210 Navigator Nokia 6220 classic 3.After select the type of FP Drakkarious will install -capsON -capsOFF -Hellocarbide -Xplore if you have one of four applications above installed at your phone, uninstalled it first before yo u install Drakkarius 4.After installation finished, go to x- Plore, click 0, check the 4th box, (do not click again if already checked) 5. Click menu, (do not exit from Xplore), open hellocarbide) 6.Klik option, select menu1, and select yes 7.Back to Xplore, open the folder C:\ hack.rar 8.Theres these files inside it: CProfDriver_SISX.idd and installserver.Exe, extract the two files to: c sys/ bin 9.Restart Your Phone and change back the original date 10. Uninstall Drakkarius using Application Manager DONE. Your Phone hacked, now you can now install any application you want without having Cert Error.

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