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Etisalat freedom is here with amazing speed on your PC, The speed is wow! No much talk, just follow the step as provided below…. *1. Download the Latest Freedom with Bellow Link

this Software that has DNS Features
*2. Dont delay run & Install Your Freedom on your PC
after Downloading and Configure it with the Settings in other Step.
*3. YFServer:- Use any of this ems
28,29,12,03,04,25 OR ems09.your-freedom.de
4. Conn Mode:- DNS
*5. Tweak:- Etisalat
6. Tick the Box 1235678
*7. MinimumBuffer Size:- 1500
*8. Reconnection Delay:- 5000
*9. Initial Post Size:-20000000
*10. FTP Mode:- Both .
*11. SSLProtocol Version:- Any.
*12. Go to Account Information, Input your Username and Password
*13. You can Create your Own Account Using Below
Link http://www.your-freedom.net , If you want to.
*14. Save & Exit.
15. Set your Internet Browser e.g Mozilla,
Google Chrome or Opera to HTTP Proxy:-
|| PORT:- 8080 ,
Tick Use for all Protocol. ENJOY

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