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Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy

Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy People who have success in the realm of business innovation, like Eric Lefkofsky, may ...

Low Cost Traffic Heaven. How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Websites Find The Perfect SEO Outsourcing Source

1 Low Cost Traffic Heaven How To Generate Low Cost Traffic To Your Websites Find The Perfect SEO Outsourcing Source

2 What Methods Are Covered My secret SEO outsourcing solution. How to start your own SEO agency with this company and resell their services. Using Adwords and the new Google Product Listing Ads to get physical products from your store or your client s store in front of millions of potential buyers using Google product search. MSN Adcenter for quality low cost traffic. How to get solo ads for almost free or half price.

3 My Secret Outsourcing Solution

4 Low Cost Outsourcing

5 Outsourcing Benefits SEO services by a professional company that you don t have to train. Saves hours of time and money finding the right person to outsource your SEO tasks to. No need to understand the latest SEO changes. They stay up to date on the current methods that are working for traffic and exposure. Easy to use interface for keeping track of all projects. Manual Submissions (No Software)

6 SEO Services SEO Packages Combination of Traffic Methods Press Release Writing & Distribution Ecommerce Promotion Coupon Distribution Video Distribution Article Marketing with Assured Links Directory Submissions 9 Different Packages Social Bookmarking Local Business Directory Submissions Blog Promotion Link Wheels Infographics Syndication On Page SEO Services Social Media Services

7 Example Service Submission to 90+ Press Release Sites Manually Would take you probably 4 to 5 Hours Minimum

8 Example Project Dashboard Easily keep track of your projects.

9 Example Project Dashboard Easily keep track of your projects.

10 Start Your Own SEO Agency You can easily resell these services to your subscribers list and even set up a website to sell the services from. A good price to sell these services is to at least double the price to your customers of the price you pay to if it is over $100 for the service. For example: Your cost for a service is $100 you would charge $200 and can go up or down to experiment with optimal conversions. A good price for the lower cost services like the press release submission service is to go like 5 times the price you pay them. For example: Your cost for the press release submission service is $21 and you can charge $100 to $125 with no problems. This is my price point that converts. You have an excellent profit margin to work with. They are used to working with companies that outsource.

11 Start Your Own SEO Agency Create a basic Wordpress site using one of the defaul Wordpress themes. Create categories for the different types of services. Model how sells their services. Use their wording (don t copy exactly) to create different products. Focus on one or two products first like a press release submission service. Consider bundling offers together. Accept payments and then pay SIM from their website for the service. Give them your client details as they will request so you can complete the projects.

12 Start Your Own SEO Agency You can sell these services to: Offline business owners. Your own list. Build this site and drive traffic to it on your own or using the SIM services. Buy PPC ads to this site once it is up. Just get it out there and take advantage of this new income source sitting in front of you!

13 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads This next method will only work if you have your own ecommerce online store that is selling physical products like dog collars, swimming pool covers, gardening tools, camping gear. Of course if you have clients that you are marketing for already or plan to start your own ecommerce website this will be perfect for you as well. This will help you get clicks in Google in the range of $0.10 to $0.15 per click from people that are more serious about buying than regular Google users. People on the new Google Shopping (Previously Known as Froogle).

14 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads It also helps you take advantage of a huge shift within Google so you can get your products listed ahead of other competition. Google no longer let s businesses be listed in the Google Product Search Database for free. They are charging for the traffic, but the exposure and low cost per click is worth it for sure. If you only do affiliate marketing or are selling digital products you can skip this method for now, but hold onto it if you pick up a client that sells physical products online or if you start your own ecommerce website.

15 Google Shopping

16 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads To use this method you will need to have a Google Merchant account and a Google Adwords account. You can of course have them under the same Google account. You just need to create one Google account for this. First create your Google Account by going to Next create your Google Merchants Account.

17 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads

18 Google Adwords Product Listing Ads

19 Google Merchants Help After creating your datafeed you need to upload it to Google Merchants so your products can go into Google Shopping. For help uploading your datafeed, formatting issues, or an overview of how it all works check out the support area for Google Merchants.

20 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Visit and search for Google Product Listing Ads. This will return a step-by-step article that will guide you through setting up these Product Listing Ad Campaigns. Here is the article link: You can also set it up inside your Google Merchants account.

21 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Inside your Google Merchants account you can click on the Blue Set Up Listing Ads Campaign button on your Dashboard page.

22 Google Product Listing Ads Setup Important Points Make sure you link your Google Adwords account to your Google Merchants account. From Left Navigation inside Google Merchants click on Settings, then Adwords to enter Adwords Customer ID located on top right of Adwords account Make sure Ad Extensions are setup for your campaign and have it go to your products inside Google Merchants. Use the Google Tutorials or try to use their setup wizard if at all possible to avoid confusion. Set your max clicks for $0.15 or lower and tweak as you see fit. You will be getting clicks from more serious buyers.

23 Google Product Listing Ads Monitor inside your Google Adwords account. Consider setting up conversion tracking as well.

24 MSN Adcenter

25 MSN Adcenter Advertise your websites on Bing and Yahoo from one location. Tap into around 30% of all searches online. Much lower Cost Per Click than Google on average. Set a lower budget and a lower CPC and you can see a good return on your investment. Setup your first campaign inside MSN Adcenter. Model other ads from websites that appear to be working with their advertisements.

26 Low Cost Solo Ads Most people know about solo ads. Here is a brief overview of them: You pay a marketer with a list to send out on your behalf to a squeeze page or offer page. The goal is to build your leads and they tend to be very targeted leads most of the time if you are purchasing from people you know and trust. I am going to discuss a strategy that many of you are doing and if you are not doing it you should start very soon.

27 My Favorite Sources for Buying Solo Ads (Monthly Fee) Online marketing forums. (Free) Article Directories and their resource boxes.

28 Tip for Saving On Solo Ad To get the most benefit for your solo ad you should send to a squeeze page so you can promote to people later on. Include a one time offer to pay for your solo ad or even cut your expense in half. So after they opt-in instead of sending them straight to the download page you send them to a sales page for a super good deal. This could even be compiled with quality PLR material or material that you have created. Have the send them the download link and have the special offer link mention they will get their download links after scrolling below.

29 Tip for Saving On Solo Ad If you do a solo ad for 300 clicks and you paid $100, and got 100 people to opt-in to your offer, and sold even just 5 of those on your one time offer which is priced at $10. You just made $50 to reinvest in another solo ad or to hold onto and you got your advertising for half price! Here is the sequence of what your offer funnel should look like when purchasing solo ads. Squeeze Page Confirmation Message or Redirect Straight to Super Special Offer Page. Confirmation Link (When Clicked) Goes to Special Offer page with note at the top to scroll below for free downloads. Provide free download links by as well with a PS reminder to the special offer page. Include one or two s following up about free offer and remind about the special offer.

30 Low Cost Traffic Wrap Up This was intended to be an overview of a few low cost traffic methods that have been working well for me. If nothing else make sure you look into for your outsourcing needs in regards to SEO and online marketing services. Don t underestimate the traffic you an get with MSN Adcenter as well for a fraction of the cost with Google.


How to Get an Internationally Accepted Credit Card in Nigeria with Ease

 FREE REPORT - How to Get an Internationally Accepted Credit Card in Nigeria with Ease 

2 Thank you for downloading my free report. My name is Oyedepo John. I am a Trainer, Blogger, an Info Marketer, and a Netpreneur. I blog at train people on building online business that guarantees 6- figure per month at and my company also provide an affordable Domain Registration and Web Hosting service at among other products and services we render. I have written this free report to open your eyes on a long-time hidden secret to acquiring a worldwide accepted credit card right here in Nigeria. By the end of this free report, you should be able to purchase anything online where Credit Card is required. BTW, you can SHARE this free report with friends, on your website, blog or as a give-away to your subscribers AS IT IS. You have NO rights whatsoever to edit the content herein. You have NO RESALE RIGHTS to this free report. Freely it was given, freely it shall be distributed! Alright Maybe you ve seen wonderful products on the internet and you wish you could purchase that product but the mode of payment is what you don t have.

3 Millions of ecommerce websites and other service rendering sites only accept Paypal and Credit Cards but the problem we face as Nigerians is overwhelming. First, we are not accepted by Paypal so we can t use Paypal to purchase on the internet. And second, not all these websites will accept Nigerian-issued Credit Cards. Let me give you a live illustration Last year, I decided to place some adverts on Facebook for some of my products and services. And just as most other websites, it s either you pay with Paypal or Credit Cards. Since Paypal is out of it, I went with the Credit Cards option. Of course, I have a Master Card from GTBank. It is called GTB Naira MasterCard. It is a Credit Card (Master Card) which can also be used on the internet to purchase products and services. So I tried to use my GTB Naira MasterCard to pay for my Facebook ads but unfortunately it was rejected. Why?

4 To be sincere, I don t know. I have been using this GTB Naira MasterCard on other websites and it worked. It is the card I am using for my Online Mini Importation Business and it is still working for me. But I don t know the reason why Facebook refuse to acknowledge this card. Because of this, I started doing some research and it was during this time I realised that Facebook don t actually accept the GTB Naira MasterCard. So I continued my search for an easier way to pay for Facebook ad and finally I got the solution. The solution is UBA Africard. Without much ado, let s go straight to business You will agree with me that acquiring a worldwide accepted card in Nigeria is as tough as getting a good job as a graduate in Nigeria. And at times, after getting a credit card, most websites won t even accept the card. Well, the UBA Africard has never been rejected on any website since I ve been using it.

5 The UBA Visa Prepaid card (Africard) is a debit card variant denominated in Naira and is pre-funded and re-loadable. It is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points (ATM, PoS & Web). The UBA Africard is actually a Debit Card (generally thought to be Credit Card) but I am not here to lecture you on different types of cards that we have, rather to show you how to acquire a functional, reloadable, worldwideaccepted card that you can use virtually on any website across the world without any wahala. One of the reasons I so much love this card is because it is reloadable. And most of all, you can fund it with Naira. Another important aspect to note is that, you don t even have to operate an account with UBA.

6 UBA Africard Features Real time banking transactions Balance enquiry Purchase at POS Purchase on WEB (online) ATM Cash withdrawal POS cash Advance Mini account statement Card to Card transfer Worldwide acceptance: Visa Prepaid is accepted at millions of locations worldwide. Instant payment: Faster than writing cheque or running to ATM. Makes shopping simple: Book travel and shop online in addition to making your everyday purchases fast and convenient. Benefits of UBA Africard Creates a simple convenient alternative to cash or debit card payments. No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a Prepaid Card. The card issuance process is simplified. Provides better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions spent on the Prepaid Card is available on GTP card management system which is available on the internet).

7 Increase the feeling of security as the Prepaid Card holder remain in control of the card during transactions - a personal identification number (PIN) is used alongside the Prepaid Card as well as an SMS Text Alert is received in real time with the transaction placed. Eliminates the need to carry large sums of cash. When cash is lost or stolen, the money is gone forever and in most cases cannot be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen Prepaid Card, the value on the cardholder s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another Prepaid Card. Allow for the non-banking population (non-account holders) to obtain a Visa Prepaid Card and become part of a financial world. Debit card holders afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account. How to Apply for UBA Africard Getting this card is as simple as ABC. The Africard is issued by United Bank for Africa (UBA). To acquire this card, you will need the following: Utility Bill (e.g. NEPA Bill) 2 Passport Photographs National ID Card (for alternatives, you can ask any UBA branch near you) Seven Hundred Naira

8 It s as simple as that. Once you are ready to go for this card, just enter any UBA branch with the above requirements and you will go out of the bank with a VISA Card called UBA Africard. Mind you, if you don t have a National ID Card, try to go with any ID Card that you have. If you don t have any, go with your Voter s ID Card. If you still don t have that, you might want to visit any UBA branch around you and talk to them about it. They might give you a better option. On the money aspect, you should go with at least N1,000, although you will not be spending up to that amount. This is a breakdown of the money; N500 for the card N100 for depositing into the card N100 for activating the card Once you get to any branch of UBA bank, go straight to the Customer Representative section and ask the person on sit Pls where can I open an account? The person should be able to direct you to the right person. Once you get to the person in charge of opening new UBA bank accounts, tell him/her that you want to obtain a card account called UBA Africard.

9 Now listen, the person might not understand what you meant because that was so in my own case and people has complaint the same thing to me. In case the person doesn t know what you are saying, tell him/her that what you want is a PREPAID CARD or CARD ACCOUNT. I think that is the language they understand. If the person still doesn t understand, then be sure to print out this image and show the person: =========== Once the person understood what you are saying, you will be presented with a FORM to fill. Fill the account opening form with your appropriate information. But while doing this, you have 2 options a card with a name on it and a card without name on it. If you want to collect your Africard immediately, make sure to choose the option that won t require your name to be on the card. But if you want them to inscribe your name on the card, then it will take about a week before you can collect your card. In my case, I chose not to inscribe my name on the card and I was given the card instantly after depositing money into it. Now, after you are through with filling the form, you will be giving an account number to go make deposit into. Go to the Teller and deposit your N1,000

10 note into the account number. Then go back to the account opening guy and he will finalize everything and give you your AFRICARD. This is what happened with your money; The first money to be deducted from your N1,000 is N500. This N500 is for CARD. The next money to be deducted is N100. This is for depositing money into the card. This is because for every deposit or withdrawal made on this account, you will be charged N100. That is, if you deposit money into your card account, UBA will charge you extra N100. And if you withdraw from the ATM using your Africard, UBA will also charge you N100. The last money to be deducted from the deposited N1,000 is another N100. They will charge you this amount once you activate the Africard using any UBA ATM Machine. The total money used to acquire the card is N700. The remaining N300 (out of the N1,000 initially deposited) will still remain in the card. After obtaining the card, you will need to activate it and that comes in 2 steps; ATM Activation and Online Activation. Immediately you ve been issued the card, get out of the bank and go straight to the ATM Machine (it must be UBA ATM Machine), insert your Africard, enter

11 the default PIN on the slip (you will be given this) and then change your card s PIN to a new one. NOTE: This is like your normal ATM card. So just go on and change the PIN just as you will to a normal ATM card. Immediately you successfully changed the PIN, you will be alerted of the action and don t forget, N100 will be charged from your card account for ACTIVATION. The second step is Online Activation. When getting the card, you will be given a piece of paper with the card. Inside this paper are the details about this VISA Card and instructions on how to use the card. So to activate this card, you will need to visit the website written on that paper and follow the instruction. At the moment, I can t remember the website address. Just read through the paper given to you alongside the CARD and you will understand better. Once you are on the website, change your PIN (Pass Code) immediately. It is on this same website that you will be able to transfer money to other card holder s account, check balance and do some other stuffs. This second steps in activating your card doesn t come with any charge it is free. That is all!

12 You have successfully obtained a Credit Card, activated and ready to be use anywhere VISA is been accepted or anywhere you see the VISA logo. Note that Master Card and Visa Card are the top 2 types of Credit Cards we have. So wherever you see Credit Card, it is 99.9% sure that VISA Card will be accepted. How to Fund Your UBA Africard The UBA Africard is just like a normal Savings Account but in this case, it has no personal account to be attached to it is just a CARD. Opening this account entitled you to what we call a Card Account. Whenever you are ready to start purchasing for products and services on the internet or you wanted to start your own mini importation business, you will need to fund your card so that you will be able to make payment online. To fund or deposit money into this card, you will need to go make a cash deposit into your Card Account Number. Funding this card is just like depositing money into a Savings Account. Your UBA Africard comes with an Account Number. To get this Account Number, check the back of the card bottom right corner - and you will see a 10-digit number there. That is your Card Account Number. As you can see, it is a NUBAN number, i.e. 10 numbers just as your normal bank account.

13 So to add money into your card, write down the card account number at the back of the card, go to any branch of UBA bank and deposit money into that account number. It is necessary to tell the Teller (or Cashier) that the account you are about to deposit into is a card account. This is because it is a card account and it is treated as such. When depositing into your UBA Africard account, always make sure you add an extra N100 because you will be charge N100 for funding or depositing money into the card. How to Withdraw Money from UBA Africard Just like I said earlier, your UBA Africard is just like any other type of bank account, you can save money into it and also you can withdraw from it. It only difference is that the card won t be attached to any bank account, per se. So to withdraw your money from this card, just walk to any ATM Machine (with the VISA logo) anywhere in the world, insert your Africard, enter your PIN and withdraw your money.

14 That is all! Very simple, right? You now have a powerful, worldwide-accepted VISA Card in your hand. You can now buy any item on the internet securely without any fear of rejection. With this card, you have no fear of hackers emptying your account because the card is not in any way linked to your personal bank account. You can use this card virtually on any website, PoS or ATM that accepts VISA cards. I have used this card for importing from abroad, especially from China, UK, US and from Malaysia. I have used it to place advertisement on Facebook. I have used it for Google Adwords. And I have used it successfully on so many other websites that reject some Nigerian-issued Credit Cards. I believe you have benefited from this short, value-filled, free report. My intention was to sell this report but I decided to give it away free of charge because of my subscribers who are clamouring for it. I hope you will make good use of it.

15 If you have any question about what you ve read, please do let me know. I am always a second away. Thanks for reading thus far. I remain my humble self, Oyedepo John (Call: 9am to 5pm Weekdays only; SMS: 24/7) Learn Online Mini Importation Business Before the N34,000 worth of bonuses got exhausted, get your own copy now. Go to now!


10 Ideas For The Most Lucrative Side Hustles

 10 Ideas For The Most Lucrative Side HustlesDo you need to make some money on the side? Well, you're not the only one. If your day job isn't enough to pay the bills, you've got to do something. When you have extra time, making extra money isn't impossible. Please continue reading to find out how to make money on the side.

1. Take surveys on the Internet 

If you're interested in making a couple of bucks, take surveys online. Organizations recruit new members from around the globe and they don't hesitate to pay to get insights into consumers. This is because it's crucial for them to boost their products and services, not to mention their marketing strategies. A few of hours sitting and clicking little bubbles is an easy path to become rich. Sign up with more than one site. The outcome is that you can take several surveys and you can select the most profitable options.  

2. Drive for Uber 

Uber provides you the opportunity to make money quickly. If you got a ride that meets the vehicle requirements, you should consider becoming an Uber driver. You're able to turn on and off your availability through this network when you want. It's true that you must pay a service fee to the company, but you get to keep the fees. More rides equal more cash, so make sure you're driving smarter and not waiting around for fares. Know when people are on their way to work and when they're coming back. Most importantly, avoid busy areas. Don't waste your time and gas. 

3. Manage social media for small firms 

Many firms use social media to market their businesses. This takes a great deal of work and they don't have enough time on their hands to manage social media account. Why don't you do it? Doing social media for small firms can be a lucrative affair. You'll no doubt find organizations to pay you for posting on their social media accounts. You can do inspirational quotes or simply update the profiles with relevant content. The client will offer a list of ideas and you'll pick the ones you like best. 

4. Apply for a business credit

So, this cannot be qualified as a method for making money, but it's worth considering when you need money. Get a credit card. Not only can you save money, but the credit card offers you purchasing power. You can make purchases that you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. What is more, you receive discounts and other benefits. It's always a good idea to choose a reputable financial institution. Not all offers are the same, which means that they come in different rates, features, and advantages. Be careful. 

5. Create an online course

Entertainment and socialization aren't the only reasons why people go online. The Internet is a great learning resource, offering nonstop access to information, knowledge, and education. Take advantage of people's need for information and instruction. More precisely, create an online course and sell it. Thanks to advances in technology, it's easier than ever to create your own course. What you should do is find the right idea, look for paying customers, outline your course, and, last but not least, build it. Give people small chunks of information and teach them basic things, if you want them to keep coming back to you. 

6. Trade Forex

Trading Forex is a excellent way to supplement your income and avoid boredom. Don't bother with the demo trading and jump right into the big profits. Since you have a 9 to 5 job, you'll have time for trading in the foreign exchange market early in the morning or late in the night. At this time, higher volumes occur, which can be what you need. When you're sure you can trade currency pairs, start looking into Forex & CFD brokers. Find the best person to assist you with conducting your trading activity. You can deploy automated trading programs if you like. Actually, it's recommended to use technology in the trading process, as it can help you maximize your profits. 

7. Sell old books on Amazon

If you're an avid reader, chances are that you have some old books lying around in the home. Why don't you sell them? Old books are valuable. If you've got a first edition, you can sell it for a great deal of money, that is if you can to let it go. Anyway, you can make it work. As a seller, you have two options: fulfilled-by-merchant and Amazon vendors. When it comes to the first option, you pack and ship the items yourself. When it comes to the second option, you sell your inventory directly to an Amazon vendor. If you need to get rid of numerous books, it's best to sell to Amazon sellers. 

8. Become a freelance proofreader

The amount of money that an online proofreader can make varies. You can expect to many anything between $25 and $45 per hour. Reach out to website owners who need help proofreading the content. You'll identify and rectify punctuation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary errors. If you have good writing skills and a good command of English, this will be a piece of cake. Take on a proofreading gig from time to time. If you prefer to work for yourself, create an account on Upwork. 

9. Walk dogs

Do you love animals? If the answer is yes, walking dogs is the job for you. You can do this in your spare time. Walking dogs for income can bring approximately $2000 per week. There are many benefits to becoming a dog walker. In addition to the fact that you can get a little bit of exercise, you get to spend more time with animals. The workplace is relaxing and all you have to do is make the dogs happy. Plus, you get paid for it. 

10. Become a chef 

If you know your way around the kitchen, you're in luck because you can make some extra money. There are several opportunities available for you, so don't be afraid to put your cooking skills to the test. If you don't like the thought of teaching cooking classes, sell what you make. You can cater for important events, such as weddings or anniversaries. Will you have any clients? Sure, you will. As you know, people are always looking for new ways to save money. What is more, your food is delicious as compared to what they cook in restaurants. 

FAQs on Importing from China to Nigeria

 We cannot end this guide without looking at the Frequently Asked Questions by our client and the feedback we have given them.

Here is a look at these questions.

Presidents of China and Nigeria

Presidents of China and Nigeria

1) Who has the responsibility of ensuring that there is compliance with SONCAP regulations?

The party that bears this responsibility is you the importer of your goods into Nigeria.

You need to undertake this compliance procedure in China before exporting your goods to Nigeria.

2) What happens if I fail to claim my imports?

Failure to claim your imports once they arrive at the port past 12 months will lead to the customs seizing and auctioning them.

3) What is the meaning of Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production under the destination inspection scheme?

The Manufacturer’s Certificate of Production is a document that indicates the level of standard of production of your goods in a while in China.

Such certificates include Nigeria Industrial Standards (NIS), British standards (ISO) and DIN.

4) What is a Risk Assessment Report (RAR) and what is its function?

RAR refers to a document that indicates the level of risk that your import posses your scanning company will generate this report after considering some factors.

Such factors include Antecedent of the importer, antecedent of the exporter, types of goods and country of supply.

The function of this report is to enable the Nigeria Customs Services to determine the intervention level of your goods requires during the inspection.

5) Is it possible to register my trademark in Nigeria and start selling my products if the Chinese authorities issue their approval without getting NAFDAC approval?

No. you need to have a NAFDAC permit when you are importing your goods before you start selling them in Nigeria.

You will also have to get a permit to import samples of your imports.

We would like to hear from you in areas you would want clarifications or comments about the guide.

Get in touch with us today, and we will gladly offer our timely assistance to you.

6) What happens if my imports don’t comply with the SONCAP certification?

In case your goods don’t meet the SONCAP certification process, the customs will reject them at the port of entry.

You will therefore not get your goods into Nigeria.

The customs will then hold your cargo to allow for further testing.
If they fail to meet the standards, you will be forced to re-export the goods back to China.

Of importance to note is that you will be expected to bear all the cost while this is happening.


As it has turned out, importing from China to Nigeria is quite an easy process.

However, for you to be successful in importing, you need to follow the regulations that are in place.

The regulations include understanding the customs process as well as having the necessary finances to import.

You can facilitate your importation by hiring the right forwarder to assist you in importing your goods from China to Nigeria.

I believe you will make the right decisions when importing from China to Nigeria.


How to Import from Alibaba to Nigeria

 Alibaba is one of the ways you can use to import your cargo from China to Nigeria.

It is an online platform that enables you to engage with your potential suppliers.

But how do you go about while importing from China to Nigeria?

Here is a look at how you can import from Alibaba to Nigeria

1. Identify a product

The first step you need to do is to identify a product that you want to import.

This is essential as it will give you an idea of the market that you want to venture into for your imports.

It will also give you an idea of the kind of the suppliers you want to supply your goods.

There are several ways that you can come up with the product that you want to import.

For instance, you can check on the top imports and select a product that you can import.

2. Search for potential suppliers

Once you have identified a product that you can import, you need to look for suppliers for that product.

With Alibaba, the easiest way you can search from suppliers is by checking on the reviews they have.

A supplier with high positive reviews implies that their services are of high quality.

Sampling such suppliers means that you can have positive suppliers to pick.

3. Interact with your suppliers

After coming up with possible suppliers, you need to interact with them.

The purpose of this is to help you come up with a single supplier for your goods.

Among the areas you can interact with your suppliers include the MOQ, the delivery time and the cost of your goods.

You can also use this opportunity to negotiate with them to have favorable trading terms for your imports.

4. Consider your budget

Nothing is more important when importing from Alibaba than finances.

You need to check on your finances to ensure that you have the needed amount for you to make an importation.

Your budget needs to factor in the cost of your product, the shipping cost as well as the cost for your import duties.

Failure to have enough budget to cover all these may lead to complication on your importation.

As a tip, always consider having a budget that is more than the actual cost of your product.

5. Select a supplier

You can now go ahead and pick your preferred supplier who will supply your goods.

Negotiate with the supplier to have your goods within a specified time that won’t disrupt your schedule.

6. Selecting the port of origin and destination

Depending on your location in Nigeria, you need to choose a port that is convenient for you.

Consider selecting a port of origin and destination that has a shorter distance.

Also, select a port that is close to you to minimize your shipping cost.

Other than this, you can select a port that has a few port charges which will cut your shipping cost.

You can also select a port that can handle your shipment.

This includes having the facilities to handle your cargo conveniently and faster.

7. Picking your goods

You can now pick your goods at your port of destinations once your supplier ships them through your forwarder.

By using a customs broker, you will have to clear your goods which includes paying the applicable taxes.

Also, proper documentation needs to be in place to ensure that you have complied with the customs regulations


Importing from China to Sell Online in Nigeria

 If you are an online business person, you might be asking yourself how you can import from China and sell online in Nigeria.

This is an important question especially in this digital era where your online marketing is taking root.

Jumia Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria

To assist you with this here is at the steps you can follow to import your goods from China and sell them Online.

1) Register your business

You need to operate within the laws of Nigeria, as such, the first step involves registering your business.

For this to happen, you will need to have a business name.

The government authorities will issue you with the necessary permits for you to start your operations

2) Choose your product

You will have to identify which product you want to import from China.

Depending on your market niche, there are different products that you can select.

You need to select goods that are unique and in high demand in Nigeria.

This will reduce your inventory cost and help you increase your profit margin.

3) Source for manufacturers and suppliers of your goods

After identifying a product, you can now go ahead and source for suppliers for your product.

There are several ways you can achieve this including online marketplaces or using a sourcing agent.

You can also visit the manufactures in China.

Whichever the method you choose, you need to be sure of the quality of your goods.

4) Negotiation

Once you have your supplier, you can negotiate with your supplier concerning your product details.

This can be regarding cost, MOQ or the delivery time for your goods.

The purpose of doing this is so that you can get favorable trading terms for your goods.

You can negotiate either directly or through your sourcing agents.

5) Have an online platform

You can now engage in an online platform where you will sell your goods.

There are two ways you can do this.

First, you can engage well established online platforms like Jumia or Alibaba to sell your product.

By choosing this, it minimizes your online cost.

The other way is by you establishing your online platform where you can engage your clients.

This process may involve the cost of you establishing the platform.

6) Marketing

No business can succeed without marketing itself.

As such, you need to attract customers through creating awareness of the products that you are selling as well as where they can find your products.

There are several ways you can achieve this including traditional methods like one on one basis.

You can also choose an online platform to create awareness of your product.

Whichever method that you pick needs to translate into sales at the end of the day.

7) Selling your product

Clients will be attracted to your products, and they will want to buy.

It is up to you to select a preferred method of selling your products.

For instance, you can select pay on delivery where you deliver the product, and the client pays you.

The method of selling your product needs to be secure both for you and your client.

8) After sales service

Your relationship with your customers need not to end once you have sold them your products.

You can offer after sales service such as a warranty for the products.

By doing this, your customers will be satisfied with you and even refer more customers to your platform.


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